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To some it is one whopper of a tale, but to me, I can only remain true to my experience. I detail that experience in the book entitled 'Non Existent Entities'.

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

A 2 million dollar bounty

It seems that there are those who are serious about bringing bigfoot into the public eye, that they are willing to put up a significant amount of money in efforts to get the public to see what the public refuses to see.

With proof of a body, the public will not be able to deny the fact any longer. Bigfoot exists, but some people don't like to take other people's word for it. I understand the motives, but ... (those aren't the motives behind this bounty.) BUT... I would like to disect this a bit further because as good as 2 million dollars may sound, when something is too good to be true... it usually is.
Who has a million dollars to throw around? That's what I'd like to know. Who is footin the bill for this bigfootin bounty? wasn't hard to find out the answer to that question. Now it suddenly makes sense.  SERIOUSLY??????

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Final thoughts on Melba Ketchum

The past few months have been fairly eventful in the Sasquatch community with hoaxers revealing their so called bigfoot kills, and bigfoot captures; and the latest from Melba Ketchum was just the coup de gras that added further blight on an often mocked phenomenon.

This week, Melba revealed that her documentation that she submitted for peer review in a scientific journal failed to pass the review board's approval, and instead of telling the public exactly why the paper was rejected, she publically stated that the scientists were not ready to accept what her findings revealed.

Here's her commentary:

In Melba's defence, I understand her hurt, as she and others have invested so much time and effort into this project, however one glaring obvious defect in her study that I for one cannot ignore is the  listed group of scientists involved with her study. I cannot figure out why they have not come out publically now that the paper has been made public to back up Melba and her documenation? Surely their word and factual evidence would exhaunerate Melba, right? I also find it curious that while the press has interviewed Melba, and some other people who believe in Melba and who have provided her with the evidence AND FUNDING in order to conduct her study, the journalists have not sought to interview the scientists mentioned. Is it because no such scientists exist?

Saturday, February 9, 2013

What is Sasquatch?

This is one of the MOST COMMON QUESTIONS I RECIEVE to date.  I can tell you what they are, and from these posts, I think you can gain a general idea of what I think - wait, what I KNOW they are.

As much as I want to convince you of that belief, I hope at the very least this blog presents to you some of the facts that will help you draw your own conclusions that line up in your heart and mind what maybe you do not want to know.

The reality is that sasquatch are not what they seem.  They have a way of making us believe that they are what they seem to be, based on what our hearts and minds want to believe. To some these creatures appear to be animal, and then to others, human. For me, I didn't really have a belief either way. I just believed that they existed and began to pray that God would reveal to me the truth about what these beasts were.

The value of what if?

When you read people's supernatural encounters of sasquatch, it is easy to dismiss these encounters and judge the person who makes such claims. It's far easier to believe that someone is a schizophrenic, or shows signs of manic behavior, is a drug addict, alcoholic or taking perscription meds than it is to allow yourself to wonder- what if.

What if people are having real supernatural encounters with sasquatch? What does that then imply?

I am not an alcoholic, drug addict, I do not suffer from any mental disease or defect, I do not have a history of taking perscription meds ( Except for asthma when I was a child, and the odd perscription of antibiotics) I do not take medication, over the counter or perscription. (Just for the record.)

The implications of every day ordinary healthy sane people seeing such a creature in such a way has huge implications and it is far easier to deny than to realize that we cannot possibly stand against or defend ourselves against such things.. This is why I have tried to delve into the science behind the workings of sasquatch.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Unified field theory explained

So what does Einstien have to do with Bigfoot? (If you haven't read the first part to this article, please see this link.) The answer isn't all that complicated, but the science that reveals the answer, is. In a nut shell, think of the space around you as a type of invisible sheet. (I'm not talking about the air- the gas molecules around you. I'm talking about the seemingly empty space that's around-everything that the air we breath attaches itself to and becomes suspended in.)

This sheet although transparent, seems to be without any physical substance. If the structures that made up this sheet were physical, we'd be able to either see or feel them and thus prevent us from penetrating through the barrier.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Getting closer to the truth

I have say I stumbled on the book Missing 411 quite by accident, a friend had tipped me off to the book, but I have to admit I approached the conversation with a bit of a narrow mind. It wasn't that I didn't want to read the book, I just had a prejudgment in my heart and mind already.

I am a crisis outreach mentor, and with that, I help all sorts of people from every kind of walk of life you can imagine. Everything that people share with me is held in the strictest of confidence except where children's welfare are concerned. Authorities do not take abuse lightly especially when it is in the form of any sort of child abuse. When someone approaches me with such a case, I am legally bound to report it, (I would report it even if I wasn't legally bound.) but I will say, just because I have to report something of that nature doesn't mean that I hold judgment. My training in outreach doesn't have room for that. Everyone has the right to believed, and I can't explain why I didn't take this approach with this book.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Lots of questions very few answers.

I recieved the Book Missing 411 in the mail Monday morning, and it has been almost a non stop journey reading all 353 pages of it. For me, it was hard to put down and it is something that I haven't stopped thinking about since I first stumbled onto the online interviews about this book. ( In fact, while I waited for the book to arrive in the mail, I took the opportunity to do some internet searches of missing person cases in national parks and forests.)

I admit, I was so sad to hear of the cases of missing persons David Paulides discusses in interviews, and that perhaps gave me the heads up I needed in order to continue to read this book. Missing 411 certainly takes you on a journey, and one that rarely reaches a happy ending. Each story is cold, dark and sinister as the one before it and IF you begin to read this book unprepared, your heart bleeds with sympathy and heroic admiration for what the victims and thier families have been through. Today, my heart continues to weep.