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Saturday, February 9, 2013

The value of what if?

When you read people's supernatural encounters of sasquatch, it is easy to dismiss these encounters and judge the person who makes such claims. It's far easier to believe that someone is a schizophrenic, or shows signs of manic behavior, is a drug addict, alcoholic or taking perscription meds than it is to allow yourself to wonder- what if.

What if people are having real supernatural encounters with sasquatch? What does that then imply?

I am not an alcoholic, drug addict, I do not suffer from any mental disease or defect, I do not have a history of taking perscription meds ( Except for asthma when I was a child, and the odd perscription of antibiotics) I do not take medication, over the counter or perscription. (Just for the record.)

The implications of every day ordinary healthy sane people seeing such a creature in such a way has huge implications and it is far easier to deny than to realize that we cannot possibly stand against or defend ourselves against such things.. This is why I have tried to delve into the science behind the workings of sasquatch.

I realize that some people do not want or need to know, but I admit I am analytical and I need to know. If science can prove that energy can be used to levitate, crumble, distort, twist, move objects in such a way without kenetic energy involved. ( Stored energy, usually by the force of human power.) It therefore becomes highly possible and highly probable that there exists entities that have the ability to manipulate energy on their own volition.  We only assume that such creatures couldn't exist because we ourselves do not hold such abilities. To admit that we cannot manipulate unseen power as someone else can, suggests to us that we ourselves are not so perfect as we like to believe.

To admit in our inabilities means that we have to admit we are weaker.

Let me share something with you, the reason why the Philadelphia experiment came about, was to get infront of the science behind the mechanics of UFO'S.  The fact that the government denies that UFO's exist is an admission that they do exist; because if UFO's and aliens were not real, then why the need to cover up something that supposedly doesn't exist? Also I'd like to further note that there are people in the government and conspiriacy theorists who suggest that aliens cloned creations from the 'powers that be.' (Human powers.) If that is true, then why the need to hire scientists to understand UFO flying capabilities if the entities flying such machines were cloned and created by Earthlings?

The science has proven all along what she has tried to deny and in doing so has contradicted herself. Science demands proof, and suggests that without proof something cannot exist. In discovering sasquatch, she demands that a body be produced. We have foot print casts, hair samples, visual contact and photographic evidence to show that this creature exists, and yet science still wants more. The fact is, science will always be in demand of proof because so far nothing aquired helps to solve the question that has yet to be answered; what is it?

What are sasquatch?

Believe it or not, if we could answer this question, we could answer all the other questions that seem to follow when researching sasquatch. I am convinced that perhaps this is one reason why sasquatch cannot be named in the missing persons cases as mentioned in the book, 'Missing: 411'.  Without specifically knowing what these creatures are, one cannot go about trying to stop the abductions from occuring. If one can figure out the motive, one can figure out exactly what these entities are and why they are here.

Sasquatch have the ability to manipulate space and time. It isn't as dimentional mind bending as it sounds. This need not be complated. Radio frequencies along with using electrostatic electricity can be used to manipulate objects and move them from point 'a' to point 'b'. Energy is all around us, and because of what sasquatch are, they have the ability to manipulate that energy even further than what the most ingenious of scientists can imagine. I believe that sasquatch use this ability to abduct people in a way that leaves no trace, no trail, no footprints and no scent behind.

People often say it is as if the person abducted never was. There is nothing left behind to show where or how they were abducted. The evidence is only found after the initial search begins. (The evidence discovered is not at the initial abduction site. ) I myself have taken photographs of footprints in the snow that seem to have no point of origin as they also have no point of departure. Its as if the creature suddenly appeared in the middle of the field and began walking and then decided after 15 steps to just leave without any further hint of the direction it was going in.

Science wants a body because with a body she will have tangible evidence in her hand to study the intricacies of the creature and maybe able to further prove or disprove what she herself wants wholeheartedly to believe; that God does not exist. If God does not exist, then that means that science can take the authority on all matters and help society to live a life in freedom unhindered and not bound to any moralistic rule except one made by societies understanding.

It's all about the freedom of choice, the freedom to choose ultimate freedom without taking responsibility or living any consequence. But what if...

What if there was concequence to our actions? What if someday at the end of it all we were held accountable? What if the One that held us accountable belonged to an unseen realm?

Out of sight out of mind just leads to ignorant understanding and that is something we no longer can afford.

To be continued...