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To some it is one whopper of a tale, but to me, I can only remain true to my experience. I detail that experience in the book entitled 'Non Existent Entities'.

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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

See no evil, hear no evil.

My daughter had been talking about having a bunny as a pet. I have been very firm on the idea. Rabbits do not belong in cages. I know, I owned a few in my early twenties and they were the happiest when I let them out of the hutch to roam free around the yard. It was a conversation her and I only had to visit once, as she understood my point; God's creatures need to be as free to be themselves as they can.

A few weeks ago, we got a lesson in just how true that sentiment is; my daughter came across a baby bunny in the most peculiar way. Our conversation wasn't long before she had found the bunny, maybe a week or two before, however long it was, it was a recent conversation. That's the point I want to make clear. I do not believe in coincidences, and God tells us we shouldn't either. Everything has a reason, a purpose and plan, and all things come together for God, for those who choose to follow Him. ( I'm paraphrasing.)

It was the weekend, I had made plans to to go out on Saturday August 30, but I decided to stay at home. It was raining, and I just needed to get some things done around the house, so Sunday we went. My daughter was the first to leave the house and go to the vehicle. I usually lag behind, making sure things are off, and say a prayer before any trip. I had no sooner stepped out of the house pulling the locked door to a close behind me when my daughter came up to me and said, ' Mom, I think there's a baby bunny by your Tahoe. I'm not sure but that's what it looks like. I almost stepped on it!'

I asked her a series of questions, not that I doubted her, just I knew this highly unusual for rabbit behavior, especially a wild rabbit. The instincts to flee are a part of the creature's behavioral habits that is simply overwhelming, to the point the animal acts by reacting to any outside response. If my daughter almost stepped on the poor thing, than it most likely was dead.