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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

See no evil, hear no evil.

My daughter had been talking about having a bunny as a pet. I have been very firm on the idea. Rabbits do not belong in cages. I know, I owned a few in my early twenties and they were the happiest when I let them out of the hutch to roam free around the yard. It was a conversation her and I only had to visit once, as she understood my point; God's creatures need to be as free to be themselves as they can.

A few weeks ago, we got a lesson in just how true that sentiment is; my daughter came across a baby bunny in the most peculiar way. Our conversation wasn't long before she had found the bunny, maybe a week or two before, however long it was, it was a recent conversation. That's the point I want to make clear. I do not believe in coincidences, and God tells us we shouldn't either. Everything has a reason, a purpose and plan, and all things come together for God, for those who choose to follow Him. ( I'm paraphrasing.)

It was the weekend, I had made plans to to go out on Saturday August 30, but I decided to stay at home. It was raining, and I just needed to get some things done around the house, so Sunday we went. My daughter was the first to leave the house and go to the vehicle. I usually lag behind, making sure things are off, and say a prayer before any trip. I had no sooner stepped out of the house pulling the locked door to a close behind me when my daughter came up to me and said, ' Mom, I think there's a baby bunny by your Tahoe. I'm not sure but that's what it looks like. I almost stepped on it!'

I asked her a series of questions, not that I doubted her, just I knew this highly unusual for rabbit behavior, especially a wild rabbit. The instincts to flee are a part of the creature's behavioral habits that is simply overwhelming, to the point the animal acts by reacting to any outside response. If my daughter almost stepped on the poor thing, than it most likely was dead.

I walked over to the baby bunny. This was highly unusual. We both walked up to it and it didn't make any sort of move. Not even a flinch. It did not blink its eyes, twitch its ears, or move its nose. It was stoic, motionless as stone. It's eyes were open, and I assumed, it had gotten too cold during the night, but it wasn't even below freezing yet although the temps were cool... there was no reason for this bunny to be out here in the open where predators could get at it. That was what puzzled me; our cat, had our cat caused this bunny's death? If not our cat, then why was this poor creature still here? We have a resident red tailed hawk that is always scouring our yard for some tasty treat. Why here, why now? So many why's and too little answers, that was until I began to touch it.

I asked for my daughters sweater. I didn't want to touch this poor baby if it was dead. I was assuming rigamortis was set by the way it looked. However, I tried to pick it up in the sweater and it proved to be that this bunny could be injured and perhaps still alive because it's body was agile like a living creature; that or it had just died. Regardless of what I thought, I took my hand and felt the top of its back. He felt warm to the touch. I then began looking over the creature for signs of injury without picking it up. I could not see any visible signs that it was injured. No blood on it, nor anywhere near the ground. So I picked it up like a mother cat would pick up her kits. I placed my hand under its body as the entire animal fit neatly in the palm of my hand. It did not move. It did not flinch. It didn't try to get a way, it did not blink. I grasped the baby in one hand and slowly turned it on its back to take a closer look for injury. It still did not move, nor did it blink.

I tapped its nose gently, and still its eyes remained open, unaffected by my impulse movements. I then stroked its back and spoke, ' Lord if this bunny is suffering from the effects of evil, may you heal this bunny. The Lord rebuke this evil.'  In my mind I knew what was going on, I just didn't want to say anything out loud to scare my daughter, but my words alerted her to what I thought.

The bunny slowly began to move, it moved its hind leg, and I brought it inside. We found a box and put the bunny along with my daughter's sweater in it, and closed my daughter's bedroom door. Her room was warm and quiet and we left for our day, making note to get some rabbit food and kitten milk, just in case this bunny was too little to be out on its own.

We fully intended to nurse it back to health, but by the time we had gotten back home, the bunny had hopped out of the box and proved to be uninjured. I wanted to wait until the morning before knowing for certain, but a wild rabbit that is used to the wild will use its energy up until the end to get free. At three am, we released the animal into the wild. The wilds of our front yard; and we headed off to bed for a quiet night's sleep. Finally! ( The bunny was noisy trying to free itself from the box!)

While the bunny was quiet by nature, they are nocturnal, that is one thing that struck me as being odd. Why would an animal this size be found out in the open in the morning, when it should have been in its den? After researching, it is possible that the bunny was ready to leave the burrow, but it would not instinctively leave during day light hours unless it was coming out to forage for food. We have seen the adult Jack Rabbits out early in the morning and late in the evening eating from our pine trees.

The odds of this bunny being found at the passenger side door of the vehicle, I mean right there is statistically impossible! My daughter had almost stepped on it in an attempt to get into the vehicle. What are the odds? Why didn't the bunny even injured move out of the way? Why not seek shelter under the vehicle? Because it couldn't. It's flee instincts were taken away because I believe this to be yet another creature shown to me that was under the influence of infrasound, or a state of wakened paralysis. 

Like the baby crow I had found in a tree a few summer's ago; this was exactly the same thing. I had thought the crow was dead in the tree, just staring into blankness as rigamortis froze the bird on the branch. I know that sounds naive, but even though we live out among nature, nature does not come walking up to us and ask to be petted. The animals leave us alone, and we leave the animals alone.

The crow was in a spot where I would find it, slightly over head on a walking path I use every morning during the summer to go to the greenhouse. Coincidence that these two creatures seemingly suffering from the same effects were found where they could be easily found? Statistically the odds are improbable to be mere coincidence. These animals were placed where they could be found. For me or anyone to walk up on these animals at the precise moment of opportunity, is equally statistically problematic.

After finding the baby crow, I went on a little walk around our yard. We have a few nests in our yard, and so I had a hunch that if one could be found, more would be found. They were found; dead and carcasses broken. Three birds each one on the ground five feet from where the other lay in a path that led out of the yard and towards from where the creatures went or came.

Some may suggest that these possibly could have been a type of 'gifting'. Far from it. These big guys do not like me and I don't like them. Just read my latest encounter this past summer in my greenhouse. They have a wicked sense of humor as documented by Native American Indian tribes, and it is my best guess that is what is being shown.

I don't pay any attention to them any more, so this is what they use to get my attention. I help the animals as best as I can, and leave it at that. My daughter asked me ' Aren't you mad? I'm mad! How can they do that to God's creatures?'

I told her that we shouldn't be mad, but to respond with indifference. We can't be mad at a creature who is being what it is. We can't take this personal. It may seem like its actions are directed at us, and they maybe, but in reacting we give our emotional power and strength to them, and that only serves to empower them and make them appear like they have authority. We have authority because the lives we live through God make it so.

I asked her ' Can we be mad at the cherub in the garden of Eden for tempting Eve? No. He was just doing what was in him to do. He was there to offer choice. It was Eve's decision to do what was offered to her. '

I then asked her, ' Can we get mad at an employer who offers a job and we make the decision to take it and it turns out to be a bad choice? No, the choice was ours to make. We can't be mad at the person who offered the job, they just offered us a choice.'

' Mom, what choice do you think Sasquatch was trying to offer us?'


Evil needs an audience to be effectual. Evil needs to be entertained. Evil will show its true colors if its being ignored.

Anger is a choice.
Fear is a choice.

Show no anger.
Show no fear.