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To some it is one whopper of a tale, but to me, I can only remain true to my experience. I detail that experience in the book entitled 'Non Existent Entities'.

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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Sometimes the devil likes us to be silent

The air is silent. It lingers all around you as it encompasses you forcing you to feel safe and warm. It tugs at your senses allowing you to catch a glimpse of its true intentions. But your common sense tries to reassure you that the silence is a welcomed respite as compared to your normal surroundings; the city.

The time out in the woods is a time for you to relax, it's a time for you to collect your thoughts and connect with nature once again. Connecting to your surroundings of nature is a longing when you are surrounded by tall buildings, and bustling people who invade and pollute your personal space with cigarette smoke, verbal excessives, spilled coffee at the check out counter. The weekly grind for you has a way of sapping the energy from you as if demands from work and the outside world weren't enough, the demands of home is also draining as family affairs sometimes get too be too much.

Out here in the forest surrounded by meadowy hills as far as the eye can see is the grounding calm you've longed for all day and as you step out into the wilderness, you feel your senses reboot and come back to normal. Sometimes you travel to this place alone, but today you bring your family as you want to encourage them to connect with nature. It's a feeling you want to share with them as you want to encourage in them a sense of purpose and peace.

This is what it's all about and though your children may complain at the hike, you tune them out. You smile at how trekking the same path years ago brought complaints out of you, and you smirk at how soft your children are. A few turns on this track and they'll toughen up you tell yourself and continue forward taking in the smells of the clean air, and stopping to point out the dangerous plants to help them avoid bringing poison ivy home.

It is only a short thirty minute walk from where you are to the car, but most likely your children have not paid any attention to how they got there. You lead them to a fieled of low lying brush, and for the life of them they can't figure out why you brought them to a place out in the middle of nowhere. You smile and coax them to look at the brush, to go close and pick, and taste the blueberries as you direct them to fill their buckets to bring back home so tasty delicious pies can be made.

They begin to pick, but your children aren't happy. Your youngest stays with you while the two older go off a little further. You aren't in arms reach that is certain, but you can shout to them, and you call out ' That's far enough!'. Your children roll their eyes, but listen. Teens are a handful, especially when they are twins, and think alike, or opposite and one has a disability. Using a crutch out in the woods was not as big of a challenge for your child as you may have thought. They managed quite well, regardless of the deformity in their limb. 

You bend down to the level of your youngest who stays extremely close to you, and your significant other, you watched in the direction where they went. They were last seen maneuvering their way through the grass clutching a roll of toilet paper as the end blew in the wind like a kite tail.  You smiled and take in the air of this day. This time together needs to be put into practice more often you think to yourself. Maybe staying the night would be an option, maybe a campground as you really do not want this time together to end.

A few minutes goes by, and you begin to worry about the one who went over to your left to find a tree for privacy. You look over your shoulder to see your twins eating as they pick. You continue your activity letting your youngest to have their fill. They are quiet, and right at that moment have no reason to wander so you continue to fill your container.

A few minutes more pass and you are greeted with a 'hello' from behind your back. It startles you but it is welcomed for now your family is all together and your heart can enjoy the rest of the day, until you look back to where your children once were. You call out their names and a head pops up.  Your child protests, 'I was only tying my shoe'.

You ask where the other child is, the twin who uses a crutch, and the other twin responds, that they thought they were with you. How could this be? Just a few minutes ago you saw them both. Where is the other child? They couldn't have gotten far, where are they? If they were walking someone would be able see them even now as you scan the surroundings.

Maybe they too decided they needed to find a private area and just didn't tell you. You decide to give them a few more minutes and wait. Those few minutes come and go, with more time passing you realize something is not right, one person of your family is just gone.

What would you do if this happened to you? Most of us assume that we would NEVER fall victim to any sort of abduction, especially those who live in the city. If nothing has happened yet, chances are it won't. That's our mentality. We think we are safe. We think that things of this nature will not happen to us. I'd like you to stop and think for a moment about this question, how many bad things happened to you over the course of your life? I'm not asking you to dwell on these things, but in all the time you have been alive on this earth... how many times did something bad that couldn't have happened or shouldn't have happened did? 

My point is this; bad things DO happen and they happen unexpectedly and they happen to us, and to our loved ones. This is the reality we live in.  This past summer I encountered sasquatch in a way that I never thought I would, because I thought that with the visitations becoming so few and far between, interactions with these creatures was minimal over the last few years, almost non existent. I say almost because they leave calling cards now and again, but nothing could have prepared me for what happened to me this summer. ( I wrote about it in this blog post. ) It happened because I assumed that nothing could happen to me, but yet it did.

I could have been taken. That is the point I'm sure they were trying to make. They could have taken me and I have discussed this with my family. They have an idea where to search should any of us go missing, but because of what these creatures are, they could hide any of us in a place we could never reach. There is no higher ground to travel, there are no miles to keep when these creatures manipulate our reality to hide within their own. 

My experience reminds me of the warning Jesus tells His disciples in the garden of Gethsemane to stay awake and keep watch. How apropos that I should fall asleep unable to keep watch that the enemy snuck in unannounced under the cover of unconsciousness.

We can't warn others when we are asleep ourselves. Why do you think these creatures prey upon the elderly, the weak, the sick, lame,  and young?  It is because the enemy does not sneak into a protected house. The enemy does not break open a window with occupants inside who are able to fight back.

Jesus warned HIS DISCIPLES, PEOPLE WHO WERE FOLLOWING JESUS, WHO WALKED IN THE WAYS OF THEIR KING to stay ALERT, to stay AWAKE. JESUS was talking about remaining in HIM and STAYING STRONG by emulating their lives like HIS. To do otherwise weakens our armor and allows the enemy an in. 

How can we stay awake? We need to back each other, to encourage one another, to spread the word, to share with others the antics of the enemy that we are aware of, but first we need to KNOW THY ENEMY and in order to do that we need to CALL THE ENEMY OUT!

Jesus called the enemy out. We are told to expose evil. What is hidden in darkness we are to expose it in the light. However there is a growing community who says we mustn't talk about evil, 'lest we glorify it.' I'm getting tired of hearing this mantra, and yet there is another mantra being promoted in the bigfoot communities likened to the one being promoted in the Christian communities. 

Those who know what is behind the abductions refuse to say exactly because they feel that they need to protect 'the families of the victims.' This creates a decision making process that leaves out the families to decide for themselves what they choose or refuse to believe as it keeps them uninformed and creates a shroud of mystery that evil can CONTINUE TO HIDE behind.  This places the person in the know in a position of power giving them fame and notoriety as other people follow and idolize this person and this is WRONG!

I am a mother, and I've been victimized by evil many times, by evil itself and evil influencing people and each time I come out of it, I am stronger because I KNOW the truth. I force myself to seek out the truth so I can DEAL with the reality me the victim has no choice but to face. I wouldn't want it any other way! I want to know because putting me in the know allows me to deal with the situation the best I can with ALL the information I am given it is then and only then can I HEAL from the victimization and come out as a survivor. As a survivor I am able to FIGHT back by HELPING those who are going through similar crisis. I can help them gain their power back by empowering them through encouraging them to find courage within themselves.

If I knew anyone who went missing at the hands of an abduction by a pedophile, a rapist, a murder, I would want to know, and just because the abductions are shrouded in mystery and point to something other worldly that has a spiritual nature doesn't make me want to know any LESS!

FAMILIES HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON,  IT ISN'T RIGHT OR FAIR TO MAKE THE DECISION FOR THEM AND ASSUME THAT THEY CANNOT HANDLE THE TRUTH no matter how SEEMINGLY BIZARRE IT IS!   LET THE FAMILIES DECIDE WHAT THEY WANT OR DON'T WANT TO BELIEVE but STOP making the CHOICE for them and hide behind ' I can't say who is behind these abductions for the sake of protecting the family's privacy and right to grieve' when YOU KNOW and have made that OBVIOUS.  It makes it about YOU and not THEM, and you can't serve and protect OTHERS!

This mystery is putting the focus on YOU, the investigator and creating a following who are parroting what you say... as this is exactly what is being done in Christian communities. People are fearful of talking about evil in the way it should be talked about. Instead they are idolizing the preacher who promotes the words of mystique.

Jesus taught His disciples about evil so that they could recognize it. Jesus called evil out through His authority. Evil is evil and in order to recognize it we need to understand the world that GOD created and we need to understand the dynamics of His creation and the duality that exists within it. 

God is spirit, and MOSES SAW GOD.... although God did not show Himself in all HIS GLORY to Moses... the fact remains that the spiritual can manifest itself to be seen.

Treat people the way that you want to be treated... anything less than that is... unbecoming of the righteousness we are to serve.