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Friday, January 9, 2015

There are stories, then there are stories...

I was contacted by a person within the bigfoot community a few months back.  What they had to say piqued my interest. I give every story the benefit of the doubt because if I can't do that then how can I expect anyone to believe me?

Believing people is almost instinctual as this is what I've been trained to do. In crisis outreach everyone has a story and I have been trained to believe everyone's story... that is until through logic and sound reasoning prove to me that the story is a not exactly how it was told. People mistake my willingness to believe them as a form of gullibility. I'm trained to take mental note of what is said and believe me, I do go over what is said with a fine tooth comb. If the truth turns out to be a lie ...that is what breaks the chain of anonymity. All bets are off, especially if one is using anonymity and trust as a means to covertly hide a truth that needs to be revealed.

This post is NOT PERSONAL.


  • Confidence relies on one's use of discretion. If something told in confidence is about an individual and does not involve hurting anyone else immediately, then yes, confidences should remain hidden.

  • Secrecy relies on one's use of discretion, however a secret is designed to specifically elude someone from the truth, or knowledge about something they otherwise should know. A secret can involve one or more persons and details indiscretions that are harmful; either historical or present dangers.

In crisis outreach I am obligated to reveal things said in confidence IF they involve someone else that proves to be harmful. I am obligated to report abuse, physical and sexual of anyone including children. I am also obligated to notify authorities if by using my own discretion I believe someone is in serious danger of personal harm or injury. ( Suicide.)

As you can see, confidences can quickly turn to secretcy if I do not use personal discretion.

I've weighed very heavily about the story revealed to me, and I feel very strongly that with the secret details of what sasquatch is being hidden from the public already, by me keeping this confidence turned secret does not do us any benefit. It only serves to hide these creatures and those who are allegedly helping them.

The person that contacted me, who will remain anonymous, but many of you may know of them already. I do not know if this person goes by any other names in person or on the internet. I know very little about the person but from what I could gather on my own is that this person is very familiar with the timber or logging areas of sections of the United States.

I have no proof of what was said to me was a lie or truth, the only proof they could give me was name dropping of people they allegedly shared their story with. Not many but people I would know- by acquaintance at least. This isn't proof of anything I know, and I noted that mentally. 

This person contacted me via facebook and asked that I contact them on the phone. They told me that they had information that I might be interested in. After a few weeks of constant urging by this person, I called.

We talked for two hours... mostly they talked I listened, and that was okay. This person had A LOT of information to share. It was interesting and note worthy. 

I understand this person's right to privacy and anonymity and at the time, their credibility with me was high. I thought I was actually contacted by a whistle blower whose intent was to expose the underpinnings of a secret government faction that hires forestry workers on a contract basis to hunt and kill groups of bigfoot.

Was this phone call a teaser of what was yet to come? Was I going to be witness to evidence that would finally reveal to the public that these creatures truly existed? This person claimed to have multiple pictures and videos of  evisceration and dissection of these creatures. But for reasons understood they didn't feel comfortable enough using the internet or mail system to show me this evidence.

I was encouraged by this phone call and I had hopes that this phone call would be the first of many as this person suggested using my help to put a book together. Those calls and those talks never happened. Instead the focus of conversations shifted to a personal nature, to which I had no choice but to shut off all contact. Boundaries were not respected this is why some credibility was lost.

Don't make it personal people, it just makes this sick job that much sicker.

Some people are scared to share what they know even online as this is not the first person who has contacted me with a witness story to share. But out of fear of governmental reprisal these stories remain hidden. This is why I am sharing this story, not because it became personal but because these stories must be told in order that the TRUTH of WHO IS INVOLVED WITH BIGFOOT secrecy BE EXPOSED.  

  • Are there governmental departments watching forums and trying to discredit authentic stories in attempts to keep bigfoot hidden? Yes, do we have proof? No.  Not in any form of documents. This is unfortunate. 
  • Are there groups of bigfoot that the government knows about and actually hire people to cull these groups within the United States and Canada? Quite possibly. I wouldn't be surprised if some of the hunters from the United States who hunt in Canadian forests via permit and licenses are not hunting bear or deer so much as they are on the look out for bigfoot! 

    The area I live has a HISTORY of  bigfoot sightings that everyone seems to know about but is unwilling to talk. The sightings most often occur near or IN THE FORESTRY that is CROWN LAND. To which, people are allowed permission to HUNT in this specific area. While speculation on my part, I do not doubt that the DNR ( Department of natural resources) hunt on this land in hopes to find, what we say bag and tag... a b...i... g... f... bear.
Anyone who is ready to blow the whistle on the government's knowledge I encourage you to share what you know and share the evidence that you have. If you really are interested let's talk. 

Knowledge IS power!