My name is Shannon Gilmour. I am an indie Christian author
who has survived to tell a story...

To some it is one whopper of a tale, but to me, I can only remain true to my experience. I detail that experience in the book entitled 'Non Existent Entities'.

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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Sasquatch is Back! In town...

It is hard to believe I am not on the Saskatchewan farm any more. It felt like I would live out my days there, and when the house was sold, it felt like the closing day would never arrive! But here I am in another province of Canada, no longer a home owner but renting in the suburbs and just down the street from where I am living is a beautiful spacious park that has... the big guys as native wildlife.

The Sasquatch remain hidden and I do not believe that many people are aware of their presence. I will say this, Sasquatch are aware that I am here. I have sensed them just as I sensed them in Saskatchewan. I have seen the tree markers and foot prints, and other tell tale evidences that let me know that these creatures live here. I even had a brief sighting last week.

I was so scared that I wouldn’t have my quiet space to connect with God when I moved. God has been so loving and kind. The park is beautiful and I can walk for hours and hours and feel peace in my heart as I can commune with God here. It’s amazing the answers I have been given by Him. I have witnessed a miracle here too! That excites me!

Most people don’t know my lifestyle as I maybe seen as a fanical for Jesus but my lifestyle is unique and it is what gives me authority over the evils in this world. There are many and they are here where I live. I do not plan on adopting the ways of this city, I plan to live as I have been... but now I know why I am here. Nothing is coincidence.

I did not research the neighbourhood. I did not research the city. I knew the rental property was for me when I saw the advert and I answered. I just knew. God works like that. He leads me and guides me and I am where He wants me to be. I took a hiatus... to learn and observe and now it is time to share what I know and speak about Sasquatch in a way that shares with God’s people the truth.

I have written about the truth, and stand behind what I have written and as these creatures try their hardest to claim a truth in the Christian communities by the way of deception, the truth that Jesus is... will set the truth free in the hearts of those who are ready to believe.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Moving is such sweet sorrow

My house is up for sale today. Eleven years ago today my family and I moved in. And a year and one month later I had my sighting. It's been an economic roller coaster living here and I hope that the people moving in do not have to endure what I did. It was not easy but I am thankful for the experience because now I can take my knowledge out there and share with people what I know.  I share some amazing stories in my books but I don't share all the stories.

The encounters with Sasquatch were amazing as God used evil for good. If had I not experienced this creature first hand, my faith in God would not be where it is today; strong and powerful and convicted with a knowing that God is real and He supereeds my desires and the desires of the world.

While it feels like my journey is ending... it is only the lessons learned here in this place that have been accomplished. I am sad because this land holds a lot of memories spent with God here. For that reason it is hard to let go. Now I am about to venture back into the world after being secluded for so long.

City dwellers are green and naive. I say that with honesty and offer no ill intent. I was naive and green when I came out here to the rural area. You have to be self sufficient out on a farm. Here in Canada the cold harsh winters has you locked in tight and huddled under blankets as you wait out the -35 degree weather or blizzards hoping and praying you have enough fuel for the furnace to last you through. Some times we didn't. Pipes froze and I had a burst pipe this past winter. You really need to be financially prepared living on the land. We thought we were but economics dictate how life goes. This too a learning experience. But I digress...

I have been shown through struggles and having no one to rely on just how well God provides. His provision is enough but we who live in excess believe what He gives isn’t enough. The little He gives us IS enough as His provision is never wasteful. I have learned to make do or go without and for this is what discipline is. I am delighted to finally move on and share the knowledge of God's kindness.

The big guys of the spiritual world are everywhere and I am sure that until moving day Bigfoot are still keeping a watchful eye and may make their presence known. They did in January. We had a warm month and I decided to go for a walk with my dog Mugs.  I came across some foot prints and a spot where it laid down in the snow. I saw the hair marks in detail and I tried to record but my phone battery died and it began to lightly snow. The foot prints I did take were a single set and led
Me to believe the juevenile was caught unawares or was trying to find a spot for cover. A little meandering and doubling back but they found a comfortable spot behind bush for cover. Then I followed the tracks across the dirt road and into the field heading to the valley of where they live. People call this place River hills. It's scenic and beautiful but I've walked a bit of it and when you know who lives there it feels like the valley of shadows of death... as I embark on my new journey. I will fear no evil...

Pictures... will be posted soon.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

So you wanna talk sasquatch huh?

I discuss the spiritual aspect of sasquatch a lot in this blog. I do believe these forest dwellers are both spiritual and physical but in this post I want to discuss the physical nature of these creatures. Many of us are still undecided as to what these creatures are, and many of us understand what these creatures do without knowing why they do it; to give us all a bit of a better insight, let's look into the behavior of primates.

Most of us are familiar with the great apes; the gorillas, the chimpanzees, and the orangutans, but many of us are not so familiar with the smaller or lesser apes; one in particular, the gibbon. Gibbons are believed to be one of our closest living relatives. They live in tropical and subtropical forests of South and Southeast Asia. They are tailless and swing from branch to branch with their long arms and do so with elegance and speed.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Questions are healthy depending on the answers you want to receive.

Those of us involved with the sasquatch/bigfoot phenom will know of the common questions everyone asks of us. It's interesting to notice that the one common question among all those who are avid enthusiasts, curious spectators and hard lined researchers we all want to know with out opinion and conjecture. We can almost hear those words of probing ' Yes, I know but what IS it? '

In answering this question most people do not take your answer as a definitive one. Don't get offended and don't be impatient. Most people who are in this are not in it for themselves, but are in it to find it; that answer that answers for themselves the ultimate question. The ultimate question has a personal answer that can only be found personally.  It is when this answer is discovered and can be backed up with other people's similar circumstance is the truth really known succinctly.  But the truth will always be somewhat slanted and jaded. That's because of what you in your heart and mind first accept as truth and as reality. The answers that follow have to line up with a preconceived belief in order for you to accept it in your heart. If you do not accept what you see against what you know against what you WANT the evidence to be, then you will always be chasing the truth without ever being able to find rest within the knowledge truth gives. That's why we have so many stories, so many truths, so many experiences that hardly line up with each other.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

An ounce of prevention is a pound measured for a cure

It's been a while since I last posted. I know, but I think this information that I have to share with you was well worth the wait. Hopefully you have taken the time to read the information within this site to help you understand the scientific side to sasquatch that reveals to you what these creatures truly are.

It is through my personal experiences with these creatures on an explainable level that led me to seek out the truth in an explainable way.  The facts are the facts and they are unavoidable and irrefutable and you may not agree, but I cannot help conclude that if Einstein or Tesla were alive today, what would the conversations be like then? 

I enjoy learning about science, provided it is truthful science and the truth is that the science we've learned in our school age years is no longer reliable science even though it is still promoted as such.

I'm a home schooling mom and it is my job to teach. However as a mom, and as a home schooling teacher, I don't have to teach my students what is taught in academic institutions. ( Except for high school. In order to graduate, students need to be taught mainstream science, and other academic courses set out by the board of education the last three years of their schooling.) But that hasn't stopped me from teaching the truth. 

I enjoy exploring the truth, and that is the reason for this site, to share with you the reality of life that the authorities do not want to address. The authorities on science have taken out the good stuff and left the confusing things behind in hopes that we don't ever decide for ourselves to seek out what is missing and put back the dissected parts.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Stay alert and stay safe.

    What animal leaves a partial spine behind? This is fairly fresh, and this for us is what they do... the bigfoot leave these things behind... not just for us to find but for Mugs as well. We do not allow Mugs to enjoy such a gift, from someone who is unwelcome.

    They go where they want, and travel where they please.  They are not leaving bones in the yard to make friends with my dog, or to be polite. The bones left are not special gifts, but are a means to an end. If Mugs is busy chewing on a bone, the less likely he is to pay attention to what is going on secretly within the treeline. It could possibly be an attempt to lure Mugs off the property should the opportunity ever present itself. We try to be very cautious and not leave the dogs outside for more than a few minutes if we are not out with them. But if they- the big guys- had their way, they would have killed Mugs long ago and left his entrails for me to find. That is what they want. I am convinced of that.

Monday, February 23, 2015

A little bit of insight goes a long way

  Many people associate me with the sasquatch books I have written.  However, I began writing before sasquatch revealed itself to me. I am an independent author who writes for the Christian genre. I write based on what I have learned personally in my faith or what I've experienced. Sometimes that writing takes me on a journey that seemingly doesn't have anything to do with one book to the next, but it all fits; it's all relative and that point hit home today as I sat in silence asking God for some clarity that pertained to my latest book published; 'Body & Soul: The necessity of food'

 In brief, it's a book on how as a Christian believer we can do away with the dieting fads and fitness gimmicks for good by understanding what food is today, and what food was created by God to be. It's elaborate and interesting and if you get a chance to read it,  it will change your life forever. It did me as it was a manuscript that I wrote from experience. The information that was revealed to me brought scripture into my perspective that gave life and how I ate a whole new meaning.

 What this book has to do with this subject is this; while I was asking God to reveal to me about what I should reveal to you the public about this book; the topic of sasquatch became relevant as many of us do not realize that using food to bait them with is a no-no.