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To some it is one whopper of a tale, but to me, I can only remain true to my experience. I detail that experience in the book entitled 'Non Existent Entities'.

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Saturday, February 4, 2017

So you wanna talk sasquatch huh?

I discuss the spiritual aspect of sasquatch a lot in this blog. I do believe these forest dwellers are both spiritual and physical but in this post I want to discuss the physical nature of these creatures. Many of us are still undecided as to what these creatures are, and many of us understand what these creatures do without knowing why they do it; to give us all a bit of a better insight, let's look into the behavior of primates.

Most of us are familiar with the great apes; the gorillas, the chimpanzees, and the orangutans, but many of us are not so familiar with the smaller or lesser apes; one in particular, the gibbon. Gibbons are believed to be one of our closest living relatives. They live in tropical and subtropical forests of South and Southeast Asia. They are tailless and swing from branch to branch with their long arms and do so with elegance and speed.