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To some it is one whopper of a tale, but to me, I can only remain true to my experience. I detail that experience in the book entitled 'Non Existent Entities'.

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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Questions are healthy depending on the answers you want to receive.

Those of us involved with the sasquatch/bigfoot phenom will know of the common questions everyone asks of us. It's interesting to notice that the one common question among all those who are avid enthusiasts, curious spectators and hard lined researchers we all want to know with out opinion and conjecture. We can almost hear those words of probing ' Yes, I know but what IS it? '

In answering this question most people do not take your answer as a definitive one. Don't get offended and don't be impatient. Most people who are in this are not in it for themselves, but are in it to find it; that answer that answers for themselves the ultimate question. The ultimate question has a personal answer that can only be found personally.  It is when this answer is discovered and can be backed up with other people's similar circumstance is the truth really known succinctly.  But the truth will always be somewhat slanted and jaded. That's because of what you in your heart and mind first accept as truth and as reality. The answers that follow have to line up with a preconceived belief in order for you to accept it in your heart. If you do not accept what you see against what you know against what you WANT the evidence to be, then you will always be chasing the truth without ever being able to find rest within the knowledge truth gives. That's why we have so many stories, so many truths, so many experiences that hardly line up with each other.