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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Questions are healthy depending on the answers you want to receive.

Those of us involved with the sasquatch/bigfoot phenom will know of the common questions everyone asks of us. It's interesting to notice that the one common question among all those who are avid enthusiasts, curious spectators and hard lined researchers we all want to know with out opinion and conjecture. We can almost hear those words of probing ' Yes, I know but what IS it? '

In answering this question most people do not take your answer as a definitive one. Don't get offended and don't be impatient. Most people who are in this are not in it for themselves, but are in it to find it; that answer that answers for themselves the ultimate question. The ultimate question has a personal answer that can only be found personally.  It is when this answer is discovered and can be backed up with other people's similar circumstance is the truth really known succinctly.  But the truth will always be somewhat slanted and jaded. That's because of what you in your heart and mind first accept as truth and as reality. The answers that follow have to line up with a preconceived belief in order for you to accept it in your heart. If you do not accept what you see against what you know against what you WANT the evidence to be, then you will always be chasing the truth without ever being able to find rest within the knowledge truth gives. That's why we have so many stories, so many truths, so many experiences that hardly line up with each other.

Truth is constant and consistent. Take a stop sign for instance; the direction in this sign is consistent. 'Stop' means what it means. There's no grey areas. No inferences and no conjectures. If one does not stop well then, they subject that sign to chaos and reap the chaotic rewards by potentially putting themselves and the people they are with and the people in the other lanes at potential risk for serious harm. It isn't the sign's fault if you do not stop. The stop sign is pretty consistent as it is constant in warning and direction. You have to do what it says.

But nobody likes to be told what to do. No one likes to be directed into doing something that takes away the risk, the fun, the willingness to drive at one's own will. The oxymoron to this is that psychologically speaking it is a part of our human nature to desire, need and want to be told what to do. Marketing is all about telling someone what they want, what they need, and that they should go get what they want right now before the sale is over.

The truth is with the Sasquatch phenom, we don't want to hear someone's story as in the way of having that story come with a moral attachment. Don't get me wrong, we all enjoy listening to each other's stories, but that's all they really are because we don't act on someone's real life harrowing tale of the big guys. Instead we listen not to fact find, but to educate ourselves with a little bit of interesting fodder to keep lit on the back burner of our minds but never really allowing the evidence to sear a permanent imprint in our hearts.  Sasquatch and bigfoot stories have to remain stories because if we all knew the details in collaborated theory and truth, it would put an end to the mystery and the mystery has to prevail.

Mysteries are what keep us guessing, they are what keep us looking, they are what keep us entertained so that we travel to the museums, the restaurants, the parks, the symposiums. Mysteries are what keep the fire in us alive to keep at it and keep searching. This is why sasquatch stories are so different. The sasquatch are mysterious creatures and they present themselves to us based on our preconceived notions about life, God and creation.  It's up to you to look at the stop signs of life; to stop and look both ways and proceed with caution.

And after what you have read so far, in this post, from the other posts on this blog, from my two books, from listening and talking with me, many still pose the question ' Yes, but what is it?'

And so I proceed with patience and try to pose the answer in a way that you can relate to, so bear with me. Maybe you will have your 'Aha moment' momentarily. 

I hate to answer a question with a question but sometimes it is necessary. Let me start off by asking you ' What do you think they are? ' When you give me your answer, this offers a bit of truth into the realm of how you think based on what you believe.

Then I ask another question; ' Have you had any experience with these creatures that has led you to that conclusion?'  Your answer leads me on a trail of bread crumbs to better help you to come closer to the truth. (The transition is made in baby steps.)

When the person I am talking with does not have any experience or barely any experience to draw such grandiose conclusions from, then I take my questions to task and ask; ' Have you any experience with an ouija board? Has anyone who is close to used an ouija board? Have you or anyone close to you dabbled in the occult? Anyone have experiences with ghosts?'

Most people are willing to talk about such things. At first they don't understand why I ask, but it is important because things we do in our past, or present and things other people do past or present can and often does subject us to encounters we never thought possible.

It doesn't matter if you do not believe that sasquatch are spiritual. It doesn't matter if you believe they are entirely a sovereign hominid species. Your lack of belief does not make what you want to believe the big guys are... true.

Let me give you a real example ( outside of the sasquatch phenom for a moment) of how our ignorance has allowed something dark and sinister to continue. Most of us have heard of Satanism.  It's a dark and destructive practice that focuses on some really dark supernatural kind of stuff. In my own research and I do not claim to know all there is to know about this cult, religion, order, group; whatever you want to call it. It's secretive and it's dark and there seems to be two branches of satanism. Just as in Christianity and other religions such as Islam, Buddhism and the like,  there are many branches of faith within the prime order of the faith; so too satanism.

One branch of satanism belongs to the teachings of Alistair Crowley, while the other branch belongs to the teachings of Anton Levey ( Who was taught by Crowley as they were friends.)  But regardless of their relationship, Anton Levey wrote the Satanic bible and took another direction and left his mentor and 'partner in crime'. Crowley followed the Order of Thelema, while Anton wrote his own set of rules. He was a liar as most of his personal accolades of himself have been proven to be false, but none the less, hard pressed followers still believe.  It is the followers of Anton that tell the public that Satan doesn't exist. They don't worship or pray to satan. They are followers who practice nature's freedoms. To serve oneself in ways of freedom of self expression and speech and in action. To do what one desires and to seek self pleasures and self indulgences. ( This is opposite to righteousness.) Some people will tell you that this branch of the satanic order has nothing to do with satan and that every member is nice and kind and loving. These people who read the satanic bible and follow it are all about love, and do their best to be kind and loving to themselves and other people. (The bible is broken into four books named after satan) read the wiki page; it's interesting.

Where have we heard this before? That a religion doesn't stand for what we think it stands for. That the entire premise of belief is something different than what the public assumes. Just because a satanist says that what they believe isn't true satanism as meaning to the word of what we think it means doesn't mean that it isn't satanism. We know believers in the MOST HIGH the TRUE GOD, we know differently.

My question to you is would you trust any satanist regardless if they believe satan exists or not? To you, a believer in Christ; should  know the two ways that make this world go round; good and evil. Those who follow God are on the winning side, those who do not follow God are on the losing side. Those who choose not to believe in satan,( but unknowingly follow in the ways of satan)  are NOT following God and by their denial of God unknowingly ACCEPT the ways of God's enemy regardless if THEY THINK satan exists or not. Their unbelief does not make what they believe any less true for us. We know the truth. Darkness doesn't know truth because darkness can't understand truth. Their denial of belief in satan causes them to unknowingly believe in satan as they take on satan's characteristic traits by living for self in self indulgence. (sin) Ignorance maybe bliss but in reality ignorance is acceptance.

The fact that people are having spiritual encounters with sasquatch says one of two things: 1) That there are different kinds of creatures of the sasquatch kind as some are spiritual and some are not. 2) Sasquatch are a unique species that exhibit characteristics humans have yet to develop. They are spiritual and that they express this at will.

What's the answer? A Christian has an obligation to look at the world not through a darkened glass, but to see the world as God sees it - as how He created it; good and evil.

So with that said going back to the topic of sasquatch we have to change our line of thinking because the FACT that people are having supernatural experiences - more now than ever before and encounters with the big guys that too have supernatural attachments more now than ever before; the hairy beast phenomenon is quite telling when we bring God into the details.

Do you trust wild animals? You shouldn't.  Why are people putting their trust in a wild animal? Because sasquatch appears NOT to be wild. What does wild mean? Wild should mean instinctual. 

Would you consider people to be wild? Certainly. Those who have let their moral compass go to follow their own directions. These are wild people and should not be trusted. Satanists are wild people. These are people who follow after their own instincts in self servitude. They SHOULD NOT be trusted and YET they are. Christians shake hands, rub shoulders and become unevenly yoked with unlike minded individuals ALL THE TIME.  They form partnerships with atheists, romantic relationships with Muslims, entrust their children to satanists who are coaches of sports teams who take their children away from home for training camps. Wild beasts are everywhere. Tame ones
 ( God's sheep are few) and can be found in very few places.

Did you know that the cherub in the garden of Eden that is known as satan is compared to a wild beast of the field? Eve trusted him when she shouldn't have. 

The fact that people are seeing sasquatch in supernatural ways shows us that sasquach isn't JUST a wild animal in the way of being a wolf, a fox, a bear, or a lion or an eagle. (Revelation spiritual beasts are likened to real wild animals)

Let's visit the story of Balaam's donkey, briefly; she talked! This animal denied her rider passage because she SAW something that Balaam could not see. She saw an angel blocking the way and she knew not to move forward. Balaam beat her for not going in the direction he wanted her to go. He could not see who was blocking their path and instead tried to force the donkey to his will without taking into consideration that there might be a good reason why the donkey did not want to move forward.

Concerning sasquatch (and other things ) our eyes are like Balaam's. Sasquatch have the ability to make themselves appear and disappear; just like the angel in Balaam's way. The angel made its presence known to the donkey, an animal that by nature could not speak and was tame and trained to follow in her master's way. Instead she had no choice but to deny her master's direction because someone far bigger than her master stood in her way. The angel made itself known to the lowly, not the mighty. The lowly donkey stood up for itself and then the angel made its presence known in order to give strength to the testimony of the donkey for the fact that she spoke to Balaam was not enough for Balaam to take notice! This angel was a HOLY messenger. The unholy ones have the same abilities.

Sasquatch show themselves to people for specific reasons. Do not get this twisted. I am not saying sasquatch are benevolent creatures coming to our aid like the angel in Balaam's story. I use this as a reference because no person on earth has the ability to make themselves appear and disappear at will. This is where sasquatch and humans differ. This difference is HUGE as it is telling. It is up to you as it is our responsibility as God fearing Christians to figure this out.

If you want sasquatch to be your friend, they will be your friend. If you want to see them, they will let you see them provided that you have proven yourself worthy ( They won't appear to you if you do not have belief, faith or trust in them.) Sasquatch need to trust you in order to let you in. To allow you to see their world they have to make themselves visible in ours. To do this... they NEED your trust. They want it because in having your trust you accept them and in acceptance give them license to do what they want to do, to you and for you.

Satanists deny satan exists. Where does that get them? Ignorance is acceptence remember. To deny that sasquatch are spiritual malevolent creatures does not mean that isn't what they are. Ignorance allows them reign in your life and that reign is license to coherse you deeper into the mysterious world in which they live.

Without mystery there is no curiosity. Curiosity cannot be explored if curiosity does not exist. If there is no curiosity the sasquatch will leave as they know they are not wanted. Like God says ' Resist the devil and he will flee'. Does satan leave the life of a satanist because a satanist denies satan's existence? No. The satanist engages and participates or engages in conduct that is compared to satan's ways. Satan maybe ignored in persona but spiritually satan is worshiped at every turn. Lies, extortion, sexual conduct, lust, greed, indulgence, satan doesn't have to be a visual witness to know there are followers after his own likeness. Satan remains in the life of a satanist so long as that person continues to practice in the indulgent nature.

Those who are experiencing the supernatural aspects of sasquatch such as mind speak, channeling, dreams, spirit encounters of any kind and CONTINUE to seek sasquatch through these methods, while believing in God are DENYING GOD through action and worshiping the enemy through denying God and His rules He set out for us to follow.

I searched sasquatch, and in searching, I laid down my faith... my false faith rooted in churchianity. It was a faith rooted in man's rules and rulership but once I understood who sasquatch were, they challenged my faith in God and I ended up embracing God's word and allowed His leadership in my life. This caused me to let go of the mystery of sasquatch and once I stopped chasing, and feeding that curiosity, the sasquatch stopped making their presence known. They know they are not wanted and we no longer trust eachother.

Sasquatch do not love and trust every body; only those whom they consider brethren.

"Yes, but what are they?" ...