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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

An ounce of prevention is a pound measured for a cure

It's been a while since I last posted. I know, but I think this information that I have to share with you was well worth the wait. Hopefully you have taken the time to read the information within this site to help you understand the scientific side to sasquatch that reveals to you what these creatures truly are.

It is through my personal experiences with these creatures on an explainable level that led me to seek out the truth in an explainable way.  The facts are the facts and they are unavoidable and irrefutable and you may not agree, but I cannot help conclude that if Einstein or Tesla were alive today, what would the conversations be like then? 

I enjoy learning about science, provided it is truthful science and the truth is that the science we've learned in our school age years is no longer reliable science even though it is still promoted as such.

I'm a home schooling mom and it is my job to teach. However as a mom, and as a home schooling teacher, I don't have to teach my students what is taught in academic institutions. ( Except for high school. In order to graduate, students need to be taught mainstream science, and other academic courses set out by the board of education the last three years of their schooling.) But that hasn't stopped me from teaching the truth. 

I enjoy exploring the truth, and that is the reason for this site, to share with you the reality of life that the authorities do not want to address. The authorities on science have taken out the good stuff and left the confusing things behind in hopes that we don't ever decide for ourselves to seek out what is missing and put back the dissected parts.

Within you have seen how scientific evaluation can bring understanding into the underpinnings of a creature that science wants to keep hidden or forgotten. I do not doubt that the authorities know about these creatures and I do not doubt that these creatures are perhaps working with authorities in a consensual and contractual way.  Why? Because of what these creatures can do because of what they are.  What are they? Read this blog thoroughly and you'll understand the reasons behind the answer to that question.

I can't tell you what to think and I don't want to. All I know is that the science that I have researched makes sense to me and I've tried my best to allow it to make sense to you. For me the science behind sasquatch concludes to me what I believed early on. And recent research has added one more nail in the proverbial coffin that is finally laying to rest in my mind, and hopefully yours, that Sasquatch/bigfoot is NOT just an intelligent animal or relic species of homo erectus.  What ever it is, it is something more.

"Sound is energy unseen. It begins as vibrations that create waves that move through the air or water. When these vibrations enter our ear canal they bounce off our ear drum creating a vibration similar or equal to the original source of vibration. This is how we hear.

The energy that is created to form sound is nothing more than molecules that vibrate back and forth at high speed. This creates electromagnetic waves that carry the vibrations from one place to another. These waves carry the vibrations at the speed of light.

How vibrations begin is simply by agitating the molecules and these molecules crash into those next to them, which in turn, causes those molecules to vibrate and crash into the molecules next to those. This sets off a chain reaction allowing the vibration to continue, or travel.

Frequency is the measure of how many times the vibration moves back and forth in a specific pattern along the wave. The faster the vibration the more frequency it has. How fast the waves travel is dependent on the frequency. Radio, heat, light even microwave energy are all the same but what makes these unique and distinct is their frequency. The pattern of vibration is what determines the action or outcome of the energy.

How frequency is measured is to measure how many vibrations within that frequency per second. One Hertz is equal to one vibration per second. One kilohertz is equal to one thousand vibrations per second. One megahertz is equal to one million vibrations per second and one Gigahertz is equal to one billion Hertz or vibrations per second.  Our ears can only hear from the frequencies between 60 Hz and 20, 000 Hz. In essence the world is a noisy place when you think about it, we just can’t hear about it.

When something vibrates it pushes particles. Therefore the energy that travels along electromagnetic waves is also called a pressure wave. This wave consists of high and low pressure points. The high points are called regions of compression and the low areas of the wave are called rarefactions. The energy that our ears hear is the vibration of the molecules to which our brains register these vibrations as sound.  

It is believed through scientific discovery that on a cellular level, all matter vibrates. Solids even to some degree vibrate. While other states of matter are able to atomically vibrate more freely, the atomic structures in solid state matter vibrate in their own stationary positions.

All living and non living things are constantly vibrating regardless if we can see it or not. The scientific implications have enormous potential in receiving and responding to sound right down to a cellular level and beyond.  Sound as we currently understand is perceived through our ears, but this isn’t the only way our bodies perceive sound. Located within the skin cells are receptors which according to a study found in the magazine publication, Scientific American, are similar to sound receptors in our ears. The receptors within our skin respond to pressure created by air flow.

Another way our bodies perceive sound is through bone. Bone conducts sound better than air at lower frequencies. This is the reason why our voices sound different when heard on mechanical devices. Musicians will often use a tuning fork placed in the back of their teeth to tune their instruments. The tuning fork is agitated, and the musician places the stem of the fork in between the back teeth to allow the sound to travel through the stem, and the teeth, and the cranium to where the vibrations reach the inner ear. This allows the musician to tune their instrument of choice in perfect pitch.

How we hear is more than just skin or bone deep. How we come to interpret specific vibrations as we do is interpreted within the brain. The Vegus nerve is a cranial nerve that begins at the Medulla Oblongata that is located at the hind or base of the brain near the spinal column. The Vegas nerve conveys sensory information about the state of the organs that it is attached to and sends the information to the central nervous system.

Because the Vegus nerve is attached to the inner ear and originates in the brain, it is believed that this nerve helps us to internally perceive sound in a way that vibrates and resonates in our cellular structure, right down to our inner most beings; spiritually.

Nerve impulses that travel along our nervous system are electrical energy patterns that create energy fields around the body, including electromagnetic energy waves that travel away from the body. The electromagnetic energy that is generated comes from chemical processes within nerve cells. Scientists believe that billions of impulses within the nervous system travel through to the brain. Each impulse of energy that passes from one nerve cell to another is the same size, but it is the frequency or the intensity of the signal that differentiates one impulse from another.

Inside the nervous system are networks of cells called neurons. These cells are what transmit the electrical information or signals. Within the brain there exists 100 billion neurons and most likely there exists the same amount pulsating through out our bodies. Because of the high concentration of neurons within the brain, these nerves allow for hyper-multitasking.

Some or all neurons are used in the body to control bodily functions such as breathing, talking and muscle movement. However nerves exist to enable us to think and communicate and this involves the brains ability to interpret sound. 

The energy within the nervous system behaves like electricity but somehow it is slightly different. Fundamental energy is universal and it is found every where. Scientific studies show that we exist in an electrical universe as electricity is common through out it. It is generated by plasma as it moves through magnetic fields.  Now this is not common scientific teaching that we’ve been taught in schools. But science has come a long way since then and while this may not be commonly known among the academia, it is widely known science if one chooses to learn outside the scope of scholarly view. 

Plasmas are considered to be another state of matter. While they are similar to gases, the atoms are different. They are made up of free electrons and ions. Examples of plasmas are the Northern Lights and lightening. Artificial or man made plasmas are fluorescent and neon lighting.  It is believed that fundamental energy transforms and some how becomes more easily absorbed by living things. Inside the body the fundamental energy is used and stored within the nervous system. The foods we eat also contain this energy and acts as a means for us to replenish vital energy loss. Plants absorb energy and convert it according to their own biology, to which we take the energy from plants and animals and convert it to suit our own biological structure.

It is estimated that approx. 99.999% of the universe that we can see is plasma. All moving plasmas produce independent electrical currents and magnetic fields. The scientific research shows us that there is no denying the fact that energy in its various forms regulates the universe, interplanetary functions and all life forms that live on this planet we call earth; our home. "

- Taken from " The pied piper of modern day musica" Shannon Gilmour 2016

Science has been studying the effects of infra sound; a low frequency sound wave that is not detectable by human hearing. Many animals communicate by infra sound or low frequency sound, such as elephants, crocodiles and whales and dolphins. These sound waves are unique as they do not bounce off objects and echo back into our direction. They travel for great distances, miles in fact and can penetrate through walls and the ground. 

Although we cannot hear the sound at such a low frequency, we sure can feel it. Scientific experiments suggest that the lower the frequency, the more disastrous the effects on our bodies, that can result in death.

Infrasound has been known to cause: Immobilization or paralysis, loss of consciousness, inability to think, it causes nausea, vertigo, dizziness panic, fear and can even burst vital organs as scientists have discovered sound to be used as a bioweapon.

To give you an idea of what infra sound feels like, ever sit at a stop sign or red light with someone’s car radio blasting and they have the base turned up to the point that your insides vibrate and you aren’t even in the car with them? This is the effects of low frequency sound.

I have discussed this phenomenon before on this website and in my books. Those in the bigfoot community who have experienced this phenomenon call it 'zapping'. However, it is through recent research on how the body is able to  perceive sound through the ears, the cranial bone and the Vegas nerve as mentioned in the information above that can help us understand how sasquatch is able to communicate non verbally as well as use sound at low frequencies as a means to disarm and disable us.

It is because sasquatch are also spiritual creatures like us, they have a body like any animal, and just like any animal they too, have an unseen nature inside that is what we would call spiritual. If not, then they would not be able to communicate and affect us as they do because the energies would be incomparable. Our bodies would not be able to sense or detect or be effected by any means of sound manipulation on their part.

The reason why we do not communicate with one another- from one human to another- with our minds is because we do not know how to manipulate our energy frequencies like sasquatch do.  Because sasquatch know how to do what we cannot is extremely telling and should show us that they are like us, but are at the very least a higher form of being that is more in tune to their spiritual nature than we are. This for me can only mean one thing; they are governed by their spiritual nature first. humans are opposite to this concept and we are governed by our physical natures first.

Because water is so dense, sound can travel 5 times faster through water than it does through air. The human body is made up of 96-97% water and most likely is the reason why infra sound works so well at incapacitating a victim. Because sound moves so quickly in water it is extremely difficult to locate the path of origin. This maybe the reason as to why the effects of infra sound are difficult to locate in any setting especially those who are effected by it. Individuals who are 'zapped' by infrasound often feel a concentrated sensation all at once, as immobilization is often instantaneous.  The speed of sound traveling faster in water maybe why the big guys prefer using 'mind speak' instead of using their voice as audible sound to talk with those whom they choose. In air, sound can be located by following the direction in which it comes. Through water, the direction of where the sound comes from cannot be located this gives sasquatch the cover of secrecy it so desires keeping individuals from knowing its whereabouts through audible sound detection.

While it may seem like we are helpless as our bodies suffer the effects of infrasound, after researching the science behind how our bodies detect it, I took this to God in prayer. For the record, I don't know anyone who likes being held immobilized in their beds at night. It is something one will never get used to. It's an invasion of privacy and from a moral stand point; its intrusive and wrong.

The Vegus nerve is attached to our eyes, our ears, our brain, spinal column and controls motor function of the larynx, the muscles at the back of the tongue and throat. This nerve also regulates breathing, blinking and certain muscles of the neck. It also senses the well being of vital organs such as the heart and lungs and monitors and controls the kidneys and anus. This nerve is extremely important and originates in the brain. The effects of sleep paralysis due to infrasound contamination and effects the body in much of the same way as if the Vegus nerve was compromised. So how can we protect ourselves? How can we prevent from sasquatch from using infrasound against us?

Side note:  I wrote this commentary last winter, and kept it as a draft. I'm glad I did. So much has happened since then. My Christian life coaching practice has grown and with that said, so to the knowledge that seemingly has  nothing to do with this subject, but yet it does. I had forgotten this article, but knowing what I know now... after almost a year of studying the human brain and its brain waves in relation to hindering beliefs and behavior. I am convinced as I myself have talked to God in a deeper way and in an instantaneous way that I share in my online retreat for women. This method of mind speak with God is what sasquatch use to communicate with us and it just so happens that the vagus nerve is directly involved in the differentiated concepts.  But back to this commentary...

The power of words cannot be underestimated as words can be spoken or read to build a person up or tear them down. Words are just as effectual as sound because words resonate within a person's spirit to help form their character.  The power of the Word of God hidden in one's heart is the ounce of self prevention that helps to preserve ourselves in a way that keeps us always protected. Scripture tells us that the Word of God is likened to a sword, dividing joint and marrow and separating a man's spirit from himself, to create in him a new creation.

"he said to them, "Take to heart all the words I have solemnly declared to you this day, so that you may command your children to obey carefully all the words of this law." Deuteronomy 32:46

Jesus teaches us that we need to protect our eyes from seeing things that are harmful, and this is true with the things we hear. To turn away from the harmful things of this world that tempt us and turn our hearts over to sin has benefit. When we divert our eyes and close our ears off to the things that enter into our minds through these energy receiving oracles, we can better protect our minds. When we commit our thoughts to the word of God we protect our character and protect ourselves against any sinful action.

The enemy cannot inhabit an occupied house. The enemy cannot steal or do harm to anyone who is awake and keeping watch. The enemy cannot rob someone who is strong enough to fight back or stronger than the enemy himself. 

Sasquatch will not attempt to invade our minds where Christ dwells. Sasquatch will not disarm and bind us if we are wearing the armor of God who is Jesus. The enemy will not go where it is not wanted because dark cannot live where light shines.  Now keep this in mind, because this is where science reveals the hidden creation of what God is...

Science is a way to show the glory of God and science can reveal to us the underpinnings of God's created world to expose the trueness of the world we live in that has been veiled in deceit.  While you may not agree with my view on things I encourage you to do the research yourself. Study science from the direction of our creator. Evaluate scientific discoveries from the realm of allowing impossibilities to become possible. For me, science brought me one step closer in locking down a belief of sasquatch that is too fanciful to imagine. My faith in God has only secured the locking mechanisms that come in the form of scientific discovery.

Gone are the days where science taught us matter existed in only three states. Today science has shown there is another state that is far beyond what science can fathom. If the realities of this life are astounding scientists, then should we be so quick to leave God out of the details of His creation? It's a fascinating journey that is unfolding before us, and as I've mentioned before, the days are creeping ahead where you will have to choose; the weapons we fight with are the Sword of the spirit. The weapon of choice of the enemy is the energy that powers words and creates sound. We had the tools to defeat the enemy all along, but some people don't like taking such matters on faith.

"We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ." 2 Corinthians 10:5

Keep in mind knowledge is only powerful if you do something with that knowledge and put it to good use. God tells us in His word that His people will perish for a lack of knowledge.

So what am I talking about? It's time to put away the archaic thinking of what the 'Supernatural' is. It is energy and it is capable of being a large mass, or a small invisible pinprick within the fabric of the space we call air.  Atoms are unseen but we don't assume they are from another realm.  We know about the sub atomic structures beyond the electron, and still we believe they exist unseen within this world. Why do we assume that the so called supernatural is anything different? Why do we believe that the unexplained cannot from out of this dimensional plane of existence?

We are energy. We give off energy because our spirits that give us coherence and make up our character is energy. Look into the scientific studies that show that we give off magnetic fields. This is because of the energy within us. With that said,  like is attracted to like. Like energy is attracted to like energy. Every hear of the power of positive thinking and speaking?

From my experience I know that sasquatch is spiritual. All that spirit is is energy. Energy is able to take on different forms. This too is scientific fact. Electricity produces energy; light and heat energy. What about intelligent energy? Intelligent energy science now calls intelligent plasmas can manipulate their energy in a specific way to create a physical form. 

God is energy as He is spirit.  His disciples saw Him as energy as they describe Him in heaven as having light all around Him. Moses' face shone after communing with God on the mountain. The bush burned as it was the presence of God but it did not consume the bush. How does this happen? Intelligence manipulates its being in a way we cannot.  It's time to start looking at the supernatural as spiritual and the spiritual beings are not in another realm or from another realm, they are simply another state of matter that is energy; energy that is intelligent and this too is another new scientific discovery that the scientific community did not want to admit!

Did you know energy cannot be created or destroyed? This is the first concept taught by truthful science. Now, when you understand that the spiritual is energy, you begin to understand who we as humans are. Our bodies are made to house energy and that energy is intelligent. It is what gives us a sense of awareness, a sense of knowing and this intelligence is what allows us to form our characters of who we are and who we are to become.

Science has studied the energy within the body. They have discovered it originates within the brain and this energy is electricity. Scientific discovery has narrowed the electrical patterns down into five different frequencies that move through our neural pathways throughout the entire body. When you study the five major brain wave patterns in the human brain, you will discover that the THETA wave has extreme importance. I teach this concept in my online women's retreat to help empower women away from self limiting beliefs.

One way that God talks to us both men and women is through the THETA wave, and this is an electrical current in our brains that stores memory from previous experiences as it is these experiences that create our character. ( No! I'm not making this stuff up!) The Theta wave has no filters of right or wrong it just takes things in and hold them in a memory storage unit that you cannot consciously access.  It was designed to actually hold the GOODNESS of God's word.

You as a young child were meant to experience God's love through daily application and experience that love through loving relationships to which your THETA brain wave would take in and store. It is this wave that guides you and directs you to all things and away from dangers based on the imprinting it received. So if you did not have Godly imprinting or very little when you were young, those experiences that dominated your life that had no Godly interaction or intervention, teaching or direction are what lead you now and it is these experiences that subconsciously lead you AWAY and KEEP you away in the way of protecting you from GODLY experiences, intervention, interaction and direction. It is also the reason why you make poor decisions in your life that feel right but turn out to be disasters and all wrong! Your Theta wave imprinting guides and protects you so if you have had lots of negative experiences in your impressionable youth, your theta wave imprinting with will guide you and keep you safe from the opposite of those experiences in your adult hood. Your theta wave which is where your subconscious is keeps you protected from good things and all things positive!

The concept is far deeper than I can explain on here. I give in depth detail on my women's retreat website. I share with you how God created our human bodies, and what He designed our hearts and minds for. It's an amazing journey as I am experiencing my faith in God on a far more deeper level; and the more I connect with God, the more I live for Him and get rid of the sin in my life, the less time I have to allow sasquatch to entertain me.

So, with all this said, the theta brain wave pattern is extremely important. It holds memory of good and bad experiences without any sort of determination of right or wrong. The theta wave is where we can have deep spiritual revelations and interactions with God as water is what immediately connects our conscious thinking minds to the subconscious and we can communicate with God on this brain wave!

If God who is Good can connect with us on this wave, then the enemy can too. Sasquatch do. I've had them try to speak to me in my mind before, and I have encountered them in my brain as I lay paralyzed in my bed at night, wide awake; alert, and coherent but unable to move. That's the point of this post, science is revealing so much more of the unknown to us and it is extremely naive for us in the world and times we are facing to sit back and let it all happen and not take deception at face value. 

The sasquatch community has been living on borrowed time within a false sense of security. Some are experiencing sasquatch in a very real spiritual way but those spiritual encounters are spiritual deceptions leading God fearing people astray through enticements and leading the experience in a direction that leads one far away from their faith in God. This is extremely problematic because those who say they love God, show no love for their fellow man and in turn resort to back biting and gossip in order to hold onto their false beliefs they have been given by the sasquatch through experience or dialogue. These people are fierce in their approach and have abandoned all Godly love but yet raise the banner high to make it known that in the name of Christianity they will discover and reveal the truth. 

If sasquatch lead you away from your faith and cause you to abandon the rule of loving others as you love yourself, if following these creatures and putting their word above the integrity of another Christian, if entertaining these beings means more to you than allowing your mind to be committed and devoted to Godly living standards, then the sasquatch have done what they have set out to do. Tear down your brick walls and rob you of the little faith you had. They did it without you knowing because you were powerless to stand against them anyway. By your acceptance of them, you have given them the keys to your domain; your heart and by your willingness you are subjecting your family; husbands, wives and children to loose their faith in God also.

After writing two books on the subject, and revealing information in this blog, people still want to know ' What is sasquatch'? This is the most common question I receive and I can only tell you now more succinctly they are spiritual and they are the enemy. That is all we need to know. God uses science to reveal to us the how, while His word reveals to us the why.