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who has survived to tell a story...

To some it is one whopper of a tale, but to me, I can only remain true to my experience. I detail that experience in the book entitled 'Non Existent Entities'.

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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Stay alert and stay safe.

    What animal leaves a partial spine behind? This is fairly fresh, and this for us is what they do... the bigfoot leave these things behind... not just for us to find but for Mugs as well. We do not allow Mugs to enjoy such a gift, from someone who is unwelcome.

    They go where they want, and travel where they please.  They are not leaving bones in the yard to make friends with my dog, or to be polite. The bones left are not special gifts, but are a means to an end. If Mugs is busy chewing on a bone, the less likely he is to pay attention to what is going on secretly within the treeline. It could possibly be an attempt to lure Mugs off the property should the opportunity ever present itself. We try to be very cautious and not leave the dogs outside for more than a few minutes if we are not out with them. But if they- the big guys- had their way, they would have killed Mugs long ago and left his entrails for me to find. That is what they want. I am convinced of that.

    It was a few months before I had my first sighting, when I was deep in prayer trying to gain insight and I had a vision of Mugs that was so detailed and alarming that after the vision was over, I curled into a ball and cried. I sobbed and mourned a loss that was yet to come but had not happened yet.

    I was standing near the tree line, I was by myself in that moment. I had come upon a ghastly sight of blood and brokenness. I knew what I was looking at, and my heart could not contain the loss of such a dear friend who I considered family. I looked around and the air was still. It was a clear sunny summer's day but the air was still, stoic even and silent; except for my tears.  I could only stare as I saw the black and white body of my dearly loved Mugs as his throat was stretched unimaginably wide. It looked as if his throat was ripped open with bare hands or with one single savage bite. 

    The vision wasn't very long, as as the moment departed I heard a voice in my head,

     ' Mugs will die saving your life.' 

    I then responded ' Surely you don't mean sasquatch?' But I had no idea they were on our property! Why didn't I say  a bear or cougar? Why did I name the one thing I shouldn't have even thought of? Why did THAT creature come to mind?

    I can honestly say, I have done some stupid things that put me, my family and Mugs in great danger in attempts to make contact... I mean real contact with these creatures. After this vision, I was scared for all of us, and I didn't let Mugs go outside without supervision. Then we prayed and I asked God to keep Mugs safe. I asked God to not let sasquatch harm him. I prayed for God to reconsider... I prayed, we all prayed.

    When Mugs was attacked a few years after this vision, I became scared again because I had grown complacent. Thinking that nothing would happen since the vision was probably just a figment of my imagination. I convinced myself I heard from my own mind... I convinced myself I was wrong... and then when I left home to pick up my freshly published books and talk to the towns folk about what secrets lurk within the woods, I came back to a real and present warning.

    These creatures could have killed Mugs; but they didn't. They instead wrapped a wire dog lead around the his hind leg tightly like a winch about 12 or so times in such a way that he looked hog tied so that he could not walk around the yard, or run and get away.  When I came home, he didn't great me, and I thought that was odd... so I went to out to the back sheds to find him. As soon as I entered the shed, even though he heard my voice, he growled.  He is not a dog to growl at his family! I had to talk him down, he was shaking and frightened. I gently unwrapped his leg, and he hobbled on his foot, lifted it up and walked on all three legs and greeted me with such relief! I have never seen a dog so happy!

    Mugs is not allowed outside without us... I can't take the chance. I treat him like a baby. If he can't be watched and supervised, he can't go outside. I was irresponsible and I am thankful he didn't loose his leg and I will do my best to watch out for him as he truly does watch out for me.

    I don't know what this summer will hold.  Last summer things escalated in a BIG WAY! I was all alone outside and I fell asleep in the greenhouse at the little bistro set. ( The story here.) Mugs was inside the house, and so too my daughter and husband. It was so warm and relaxing in the greenhouse and quiet. The birds were chirping and lulled me off to sleep and that's when danger came. When it was all over I went into the house and Mugs knew. He did not leave my side for two weeks! Every where I went in the yard he was there. It didn't matter if anyone else was outside, he stayed with me. He kept his eyes on me. My daughter would call him to play fetch, or go for a run as she rode her bike in the yard and normally he would go, but after this, what happened to me- no. He stayed by my side. I love this dog, and he knows it and I know he loves us.

    I thank God every day for Mugs, and after last summer, I can now understand nothing happens without God's okay. God is in control and His eyes have to be on us at all times because we are complacent by nature. Just because nothing has happened do not assume it won't. It will when your guard is down and last summer my guard was down, and that's how Mugs got hurt, years before- when I wasn't paying attention and taking this situation that we have going on at our property serious enough.

    Our land has a history, before we moved in in the year of 2007, a year before, the previous owner WALKED OFF THE LAND REFUSING TO COME BACK and LEFT 60 HEAD OF CATTLE TO GRAZE ON THEIR OWN WITHOUT PROPER ATTENTION.  We were told that this person just kinda got home sick for the city and couldn't take the solitude. THEY WOULDN'T COME BACK TO MOVE THEIR BELONGINGS SO WE COULD MOVE IN!

    I guess it could happen, being homesick and all, and not wanting to come back out to the property because of some deep inner pain of being forced to give this beautiful place up. ( That's what we were told... i know stories don't jive... but it's not our business so we didn't give it much thought.) but after digging deeper... the land, the area itself has a deep rooted history that has been silenced only from those who have passed on and moved away.  The original owners of this homestead had strange and unusual encounters and assumed a hermit lived on the property. Today, the more I talk about these creatures to people around this area, the more I discover... people know about these creatures they just don't know WHAT they are.

    I do, and they pose a clear and present danger to whomever they come in contact with.

    I know Mugs is in our lives for a reason. He wasn't even supposed to be sold to us... the owner of the litter of pups wanted him for her own, but she was ill that day we were to meet her, and so her friend picked two ( as we said 'Surprise us!') Her friend grabbed a black and white puppy... the cutest little pup I have ever seen...

    I am still praying my vision... was false... and if not... I'm praying for God to have mercy... but because I value Mug's life... I'm minding my p's and q's when it comes to these guys to do my best not to provoke these creatures to anger... no matter the attempts they make to try to scare me like they did... last summer. 

    Stay safe... Please. Please please please...