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Monday, February 23, 2015

A little bit of insight goes a long way

  Many people associate me with the sasquatch books I have written.  However, I began writing before sasquatch revealed itself to me. I am an independent author who writes for the Christian genre. I write based on what I have learned personally in my faith or what I've experienced. Sometimes that writing takes me on a journey that seemingly doesn't have anything to do with one book to the next, but it all fits; it's all relative and that point hit home today as I sat in silence asking God for some clarity that pertained to my latest book published; 'Body & Soul: The necessity of food'

 In brief, it's a book on how as a Christian believer we can do away with the dieting fads and fitness gimmicks for good by understanding what food is today, and what food was created by God to be. It's elaborate and interesting and if you get a chance to read it,  it will change your life forever. It did me as it was a manuscript that I wrote from experience. The information that was revealed to me brought scripture into my perspective that gave life and how I ate a whole new meaning.

 What this book has to do with this subject is this; while I was asking God to reveal to me about what I should reveal to you the public about this book; the topic of sasquatch became relevant as many of us do not realize that using food to bait them with is a no-no.

I used to do this; I even told them- the creatures that is, that I would continue to leave food out for them if they would leave my dogs alone. I stopped leaving food out for them when I realized what they were. Some have yet to have such an experience that brings conclusive evidence to the table but here's a thought and something that I'd like you to contemplate.

Food was created by God for us. It was intended for us to give to each other freely. How I know this exactly is through scriptural evidence, you can find that for yourselves, or just order my book available on kindle. ( See the link on my book title.) I know cheeky advertisement but the word of this valuable information contained within scripture NEEDS to get out there. We need to know this stuff because how we are currently living on our borrowed time food sources, isn't helping us.

Because food was meant to be freely shared, it was never meant to be used as a commodity. It was never meant to be bought and sold. Today we have such an abundance of food around us, and yet none of us can just freely take what we need, nor can we freely give without it costing us something in the end. If food was freely given, there would be no hungry person. There would be no more people going without food and in a time where the economic situation is about to become dire, there would be no more people offering to sell their children to strangers for money so they can buy food.

As a crisis outreach mentor, I was approached a lot; during the last economic crisis in 2009. Parents were desperate and in desperate times...

But today we forget about God's plan and instead of supplying food to needy people we have forgotten them and instead are buying food to 'feed' sasquatch. This food is used as a bait, and a lure mind you, But still, if you are one to bait these creatures, I am sure you are not counting the cost as you make sandwiches, wash apples, and put together a nice food basket for them.

Why are we so willing to not count the cost on such things, but yet we count the cost when it comes to helping out our fellow man? Why is it easier to have sympathy for an unknown creature or a creature we know is evil, but yet someone who is helpless and cannot fight us, who is too weak to argue and yet we ignore them?  They  need food more than sasquatch does... don't they?

Don't they?

This is what God wanted me to share because the foods that we are offering or have offered to the big guys, the creatures of old, the creatures of secrecy are not who we think they are. You can argue and ask me 'what have sasquatch done that we should assume that they are of evil?'  Please read this blog site to its entirety, then ask me that again if you still do not know. But let me ask you, what have the homeless done that we should assume that they are not worthy of eating from our table? Why would we allow a stranger of another species eat from our table, and not brothers and sisters of our own kind? Because they are homeless we assume they are not brothers or sisters in the Lord.  This is just something to think about when you offer food to sasquatch because you need to know who you are offering food to.

 Sasquatch are not brothers or sisters to us in the name of the LORD!

Do you know that God did not want us to offer His foods to other gods, gods we did not know? Daniel did not want to defile his body with foods offered to gods from King Nebuchadnezzar table. So the information in scripture is available for us to understand. But here's something that isn't so easily understood; sasquatch is quickly becoming a god in iconic status with statues made out in his elusive honor through out the United States and Canada. While we do not leave food (yet) at the shrine of its feet, we leave food for them at the door way of their dwelling place.

God required a food sacrifice. In Leviticus a portion was burned on the altar, and the other portion was given to the Levite Priests. Jesus honored this mandate when He offered THANKS to God for the provision the disciples collected that was used to feed 5000 people; 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish.

This was all that they had, and yet  Jesus allowed people to freely take what they needed, God provided enough to satisfy every person's individual hunger.  Jesus did not dole out the same portion of food to everyone. People took from the baskets what they needed according to their hunger. This food was given in thanks to God through the act of loving kindness.

Today our food is given back to us through the power of greed, and we in turn devour and horde it. We give little thought that the food we eat is no longer from God's provision because most of our food sources are GMO product. We are eating from food sacrificed to the almighty dollar, and guess what? We are in turn sacrificing that same food back to the evil that has given it to us through commerce by giving it to the evil that runs around our woods in secret.

Just something to think about, and if you are still aren't convinced... get your hands on my book. It explains a lot... but I'll warn you it has nothing to do with Sasquatch!

Happy trails and good eats to you!