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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Final thoughts on Melba Ketchum

The past few months have been fairly eventful in the Sasquatch community with hoaxers revealing their so called bigfoot kills, and bigfoot captures; and the latest from Melba Ketchum was just the coup de gras that added further blight on an often mocked phenomenon.

This week, Melba revealed that her documentation that she submitted for peer review in a scientific journal failed to pass the review board's approval, and instead of telling the public exactly why the paper was rejected, she publically stated that the scientists were not ready to accept what her findings revealed.

Here's her commentary:

In Melba's defence, I understand her hurt, as she and others have invested so much time and effort into this project, however one glaring obvious defect in her study that I for one cannot ignore is the  listed group of scientists involved with her study. I cannot figure out why they have not come out publically now that the paper has been made public to back up Melba and her documenation? Surely their word and factual evidence would exhaunerate Melba, right? I also find it curious that while the press has interviewed Melba, and some other people who believe in Melba and who have provided her with the evidence AND FUNDING in order to conduct her study, the journalists have not sought to interview the scientists mentioned. Is it because no such scientists exist?

I am not a journalist, an author yes, but a journalist no, but even I with my limited use of the internet have not found the following listed scientists. Every search on their names led me back to the articles in which they were mentioned, and the article was Melba's press release. I even did a search on Aliec Watt's place of business. I could not find a board of directors, or any public annual income documenation, any staff members listed with said company.

Even running an individual search on these people proved to be fruitless. I could not find any thesis or research paper or any historical or current documenation or articles they have written as per their field of study, nor could I find any contact number or email for these people.

Here is a list of the names of the scientists mentioned in her study:

Dr. Pat Wojtkiecicz, Director of the North Louisiana Criminalistics Laboratory; Ms. Aliece Watts of Integrated Forensic Laboratories in Euless, TX; Mr. David Spence, Trace Evidence Supervisor at Southwestern Institute of Forensic Sciences; Dr. Andreas K. Holzenburg, Director of the Microscopy & Imaging Center at Texas A&M University; Dr. Douglas G. Toler of Huguley Pathology Consultants in Fort Worth, TX; Dr. Thomas M. Prychitko of Wayne State University in Michigan; Dr. Fan Zhang of the University of North Texas Health Science Center; and Sarah Bollinger, Ray Shoulders, and Ryan Smith of DNA Diagnostics.

Maybe you can come up with better information if you choose to do your own background search.

I did however find it interesting that the last three people mentioned on the above list were from Melba's company, and when you go to DNA diagnostics INC, there is NO LIST of staff except for Melba herself who is listed as director. Running a title search on her company, there seems to be no information on government funding, a list of board of directors, staff- historical or present, and no annual income generated current or historical. 

DNA diagnostics does come up listed negatively with the BBB, and there are numerous complaints that are fairly recent of customers paying good money for DNA testing on their pedigree animals and never recieving promised results or ever being reimbersed their funds. Melba does not return phone calls.

One can also find the court case in detail that is public document- of Melba's legal battle of patent infringement made AGAINST her, not of one patent but at least three! I do not mean to pick on the woman, but I bring this to your attention because there are people who have invested their money and their trust in her maybe without knowing her past history that when set up aside her current behavior seems to show a consistent pattern. MELBA CANNOT BE TRUSTED.

I am not into tarnishing a person's reputation, and I am not making this personal. If you have read the beginning posts to this blog, you will understand WHY I speak out against her; because she does not stand for truth, and in fact wants to hide it. Her motives are quite clear, she wants sasquatch protected, and it seems that she believes so whole heartedly that these creatures need our acknowledgment and protection she is willing to go to great questionable lengths to make that happen.

I do not doubt that Melba's evidence has been on the right track, but because of how she has conducted herself, she has tainted the evidence and has caused alot of people who genuinely wanted to believe in her and her motives alot of grief.  I know a bit about what I speak as being a part of her 'secret bigfoot group' this past summer opened my eyes to her motives.

Melba does not have the best intrest of bigfoot at heart, nor is she mindful of the community. She is in this for herself, for her own reasons and does not care about who she hurts in the process, she only cares about being right no matter how it looks. I do not doubt that she may have thought that using her expertise and credentials in this area was a way to gain bigfoot their due attention along with bringing her fame and perhaps a small fortune. I can only guess why Melba continues to persist on her one person down fall.

Have we seen the last of Melba Ketchum?

I'm not sure. To date she has purchased the scientific journal that supposedly published her documenation. This I find confusing, because in her press release she states that the scienfic journal she submitted her findings to did not pass peer review. So how could Denovo publish a paper that was rejected? If this was a second journal she submitted to, why should the scientific journal that rejected her paper firstly even matter? Oh... but the plot thickens... turns out that Denovo maybe a convenient front... Melba admits to purchasing the online scientific journal but only AFTER the journal published her paper. (And renamed it, so the previous name of the Journal remains confidential- conveeeeeenient.)

The web of deciet does not end there, looking at the site you will notice that there is no HISTORICAL publications from other papers, no articles, no documentation of scientific discoveries or breakthroughs this supposed scientific journal is affiliated with. The only documentation is of Melba's press release, and even that link has been disabled.

Believe me, I am not trying to kick a person when they are down, I am just trying to prove my point of consistent behavior. Everyone is entitled to second chances, and a third and fourth, but this person is not even ADMITTING her error, her mistakes and in fact continues to cover up her questionable behavior with back peddaling antics in order to publically prove that she is credible.

When Melba went public with her press release, on Febuary 14, 2013 , the manuscript was briefly made available to certain members of the public -other scientists for $30.00.  According to Sally Ramey, one of Melba's publicist ( but not as of late.) mentioned in an article written in 2012, that the scientific journal if approved, would not have the paper available to the public, but would at least have an abstract or an executive summary. Maybe because the Denovo scientific journal is so 'new' Melba has been caught unprepared, yet again.

Oh and what about Igor Burtsev? He is a Russian scientist that 'leaked' the initial press release back in November. If he was a contributing author, or scientist, why has he not been mentioned in the paper, as far as what has been publically released? If he has had nothing to do with the paper, then why was he given confidential material that he supposedly released on his own accord? It should be mentioned that when Igor released the information, he stated publically that the manuscript was rejected and that he was submitting it in his country for independant review because he himself believed in the study and the public had a right to know.

Back to Melba:

She has since recanted. The buzz and backlash from the scientific and bigfoot community have caused her to issue this statement:  I am not a facebook friend of hers so I cannot confirm this quote. But apparently it was from her facebook site:

"I have independent analysis of our data going on. If the outcome of what we are doing supports our analysis, then we are vindicated. If not, then I will announce that also. It involves top level scientists that have volunteered after I released the paper. If their findings are the same, they will go public. So, please be patient. They also will assure upload to GenBank and they can make that happen. - Dr. Melba Ketchum"

Who are these scientists, and are they so top level like the other aforementioned scientists that they appear to have no credentials at all?  Just asking... as Melba's antics seems to produce more questions than answers. 

I want to make it clear, that the reason why I bring Melba Ketchum to your attention is because of who she is trying to support. She has mentioned to several people of the sasquatch community of what she believes Sasquatch to be. However she is NOT willing to publically make statements to speak out AGAINST sasquatch, but instead use scientific evidence that reveals the opposite of what she knows in truth what these creatures are. WHY? I cannot answer that.

Melba Ketchum has made it known that she believes sasquatch are nephilim. Maybe she has tried to expose them for what they really are by pushing her DNA study too hard. However she has also made it known that she wants sasquatch protected, and named an indigenous peoples. One cannot have it both ways. The time has come to choose your side, one cannot sit on the fence and reap the benefits of both sides. The bottom line is that if you support Sasquatch knowing that they are of evil, and of supernatural means, you subject yourself to becoming an enemy of God.

Nothing more needs to be said ; moral obligation ursurps self servitude.

Be careful because your choice just may cost you your soul.