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Thursday, April 11, 2013

A 2 million dollar bounty

It seems that there are those who are serious about bringing bigfoot into the public eye, that they are willing to put up a significant amount of money in efforts to get the public to see what the public refuses to see.

With proof of a body, the public will not be able to deny the fact any longer. Bigfoot exists, but some people don't like to take other people's word for it. I understand the motives, but ... (those aren't the motives behind this bounty.) BUT... I would like to disect this a bit further because as good as 2 million dollars may sound, when something is too good to be true... it usually is.
Who has a million dollars to throw around? That's what I'd like to know. Who is footin the bill for this bigfootin bounty? wasn't hard to find out the answer to that question. Now it suddenly makes sense.  SERIOUSLY??????

Todd Standing is the man behind the money, and there's stipulations in order to get your reward.

  • The body must have died of NATURAL CAUSES.  Which will undergo testing from a wild life officer and forensic expert. ( Can I add: Melba and her 'team' or recommended scientists NOT ALLOWED?)
  • The location and discovery of the body must be held in CONFIDENTIALITY. No media or public attention can be given in any way.
  • Once legitimacy has been 'confirmed' ( HOW?) then the money will be awarded and FULL credit will be given to the person/persons responsible for the discovery.
For those of you who do not know who Todd Standing is, he is a person who has taken great interest in Bigfoot/Sasquatch claiming that he and his research team have come across a location in the B.C rockies where these creatures make their home.

Bigfoot bounties are nothing new, as there remains a million dollars open to anyone who can provide proof of the legendary creature's existence with an unadulterated photo. However what makes this story different from the other bounty stories out there is the name who is behind the dollars bills.

Todd has made some awesome claims over the years, and I am not confirming or denying his story, I am choosing to remain neutral and objective but with that said I do have my concerns about this.

On Todd's website it states: "Our ultimate goal is to ethically introduce civilization to the most man-like primate on the planet."


" On March 5/ 2007 Alberta native Todd Standing and his team received confirmation from Danielle Lessard of the Clerk of Petitions for Canada (613-992-9511), that our second submission to get protection for the species commonly referred to as Bigfoot was certified. Mike Lake had the petition Tabled before the House of Commons. We received a response on May 12, 2007 from the House of Commons as to their decision on protection of the illusive species.

They responded by giving us the name of a department and a list of scientists employed by the Canadian government that decides whether a species becomes a protected one. This department said, "Show us a body and we will give you your species protection". Not hair, blood or feces, or even a finger or leg, but a fully intact and recently deceased body.

Our goal now is to find this body, have them examine it and be granted species protection by the House of Commons. Furthermore, we have a plan of action (that will need to implemented across the continent) that will ensure this species habitat is no longer encroached upon. We will be carrying out these same endeavours in the United States."

                                                                                                              -taken from Todd's  website.

To be continued...