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To some it is one whopper of a tale, but to me, I can only remain true to my experience. I detail that experience in the book entitled 'Non Existent Entities'.

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Saturday, February 9, 2013

What is Sasquatch?

This is one of the MOST COMMON QUESTIONS I RECIEVE to date.  I can tell you what they are, and from these posts, I think you can gain a general idea of what I think - wait, what I KNOW they are.

As much as I want to convince you of that belief, I hope at the very least this blog presents to you some of the facts that will help you draw your own conclusions that line up in your heart and mind what maybe you do not want to know.

The reality is that sasquatch are not what they seem.  They have a way of making us believe that they are what they seem to be, based on what our hearts and minds want to believe. To some these creatures appear to be animal, and then to others, human. For me, I didn't really have a belief either way. I just believed that they existed and began to pray that God would reveal to me the truth about what these beasts were.

I don't have all the answers and for the record, I don't make the claim that I do. If the truth be known, I will say that I wish I didn't know what I know about these creatures, and yet I'm glad I do know. It's a catch 22, because I don't like having things hidden from me. I want to know so that I can make decisions about my own well being and welfare and with knowing puts you at a higher responsibility to do something positive about a problematic situation.

Sasquatch are problematic, don't ever kid yourself into thinking that they aren't.

God consistently told me what these creatures were and yet I wouldn't listen. I had to find out my own way and on my own terms. It got to the point where I was putting my own life and the lives of my family at risk just for the hopes of a 'chance sighting'. I got more than what I bargained for.

* * *
" In answering the reason for their motives, we can answer who or what they are. To be sure, I want to state that curiosity does not recognize race religion, age or creed. We all are human. We all have our faults, and being curious about the unknown is one of our greatest weaknesses. To have us think outside the box with little regard for God as possible, is all that matters to them. The reasons behind why they are doing what they are doing is methodical. Playing into our curiosities is a form of temptation that WORKS. We have become curious just enough to come back for more, and try to find it. If we are met without success one day, we'll try new and inventive ways the next. They have dangled the carrot infront of our faces, and because of our depth of perception ( or should I say lack there of) and with our scope of view; all we can see is the carrot, and look it's moving! What do we do now? We go after the carrot.

I have had some people approach me to tell me how wrong I am because to them these creatures show that they know God.  In their experience Sasquatch have left signs of the holy trinity as a type of gifting. Well I have to say that making religious signs and symbols are not a way to prove or test anyone's motives. We all know that certain someone in our private Christian circles who has told us that they are a Christian but clearly they are not. Making Christian symbols and gestures does not make one a Christian anymore than going to church does. Even IF Sasquatch were able to communicate that they believe in Jesus does not make them one of God's creatures. Satan is a creation of God but he is NOT one of God's own. ( The last sentence I added.)

These creatures use our curiosities against us, because the more we keep coming back and the more we want to believe, the more we are convinced that these creatures are what they seem. The more we search these things out, the more sympathetic towards them we become. When that happens, that is when they will take the opportunity and reveal to us what we don't want to know or what science doesn't want to accept. That there is more to life than just the physical nature. " 

-From 'The true existence of non existent entities page 60 and 61

 * * *
What are Sasquatch? In a word- evil. In a nutshell; demonic. I have written two books to share with you how I came exactly to these conclusions. For me it took a while to get to the understanding, to get the gist of reality loud and clear. I share with you so that you do not have to understand by learning by experience. It's far better to just trust God firstly and not test the waters of doubt.

Understanding what Sasquatch are led me to more questions such as if they are demonic and evil in design, why are they here? Where there is curiosity there is doubt, where there is doubt there is fear, where there is fear there is unbelief, where there is unbelief,  don't expect any miracles to save you.

Knowledge is power and the more you know the more empowered you will be to stand up against what used to cause you fear...