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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Unified field theory explained

So what does Einstien have to do with Bigfoot? (If you haven't read the first part to this article, please see this link.) The answer isn't all that complicated, but the science that reveals the answer, is. In a nut shell, think of the space around you as a type of invisible sheet. (I'm not talking about the air- the gas molecules around you. I'm talking about the seemingly empty space that's around-everything that the air we breath attaches itself to and becomes suspended in.)

This sheet although transparent, seems to be without any physical substance. If the structures that made up this sheet were physical, we'd be able to either see or feel them and thus prevent us from penetrating through the barrier.

However science has shown that there are qualities to the space that surrounds all matter and we know these qualities as atomic structures or molecules.  These infantismal properties are so small and minute that we assume that they aren't there. It is true as the saying goes 'out of sight, out of mind.' but it is because these structures are so small that we assume nothing is there. It is the reason why we can't feel anything when we wave our hands around or walk about. There is seemingly no resistance and that is because these structures are so small. It would be a whole different story if we could see, and feel these atomic molecules, but in order to do that, we would have to enlarge their size and bring them up to human scale. That would be about the same as enlarging an ant to the size of an elephant! Just because we can't enlarge the atom, doesn't mean that the structure is insignificant.

Einstien's theory suggests that although the space may seem quite literally a waste of space, it is something that can be manipulated, and if it can be manipulated it can be controlled.

The unified theory suggests that all the itty bitty atoms in the form of electrons, and quarks, can be moved out of the way, and be placed somewhere else. Well kind of. I'm trying to keep this very simple.  Imagine yourself looking in one direction and picking a spot within this invisible sheet and taking those atoms from that set spot and placing them a mile infront or behind you.  It certainly makes for a good 'working' theory in a sci-fi movie, but the 'powers that be' saw this as weaponized time travel. It was suggested that some atoms could be moved from point 'a' to point 'b' while by passing the space in between. The potential of applications this theory could work within is astounding, but used as a controlled unseen defence weapon, would be priceless!

Side note: (Naturally energy moves as a wave, however the particles that vibrate that cause the wave do not move. Think of a duck floating ontop of wavy water. The duck represents the particles and although the duck moves up and down or bobs on the water, the duck does not move forward or backward along the line of the wave. The particles within the wave act the same way. The particles vibrate or bob up and down, side to side, but they do not move along the wave. The science behind the unified theory suggests that the particles can be carried on the wave and transported from one point of the wave to the other without moving along the wave; by passing time and space!)

The theory weaponized:

The manipulated atoms can only be moved within a highly charged electromagnetic field and when the atoms are highly charged electrostatically (Think of static electricity) , something unforceable happens; an invisible barrier is formed. It literally is like walking into a pane of glass that has been stratigically placed and cannot be seen! This force field is impenatrable, and add a force of thrust behind this invisible barrier and you become someone who can rule anyone!  Weaponizing the molecular structure of space was far more important than something as mundane as time travel.

The government liked the theory of the scientific applications of Einstien's calculations and in 1943 as directed by the naval military, the physical application study began. The effects from the Philadelphia experiment were unexpected, as it seems that Einstien's calculations were a bit off. According to reports, his unified theory only implemented four dimentions instead of five. This could be the reason why tests done on ground proved to be positive, however when implemented near or on water, things took a drastic turn that no one could ever imagine.

While this experiment is the subject of much debate and many people consider it a hoax, the science behind such an elaborate scheme for whatever the reasons why it was ever implemented in the first place is real. Free energy was a concept that Nikola Tesla experimented with and from his experiments John Hutchinson was able to improve significantly on the designs and applications.

This science is important because it helps us to understand the world unseen, or what people like to call the supernatural realm.  As much as we like to think that there exists a world far beyond this one, where ghosts and demonic entities come from. The reality that science shows us is that while two realms can be differentiated, the unseen world helps to govern the seen one. The physical world we live in holds properties that are regulated by the unseen design, but the unseen design doesn't necessarily mean that there exists an unseen world. Both seen and unseen properties exist within this specific reality but it is only the physical reality that is dependant on the unseen or the unphysical reality,  not the other way around. (Gravity is a force that is unseen, and our solar system - the physical planets are dependant on this force. Gravity is not dependant on the planets.)

*Unseen= atomic structures. Seen= matter

I don't mean to confuse the issue, but I get asked quite frequently why bigfoot has the ability to become invisible. It is because of what they are. If you look at the science behind the Hutchinson's effect (another interesting link) you will see how energy- which we cannot see can be manipulated to control the things that we can see.

 Please do not mistake my intentions, I am not at all trying to deny the GLORY OF GOD. I believe and know that God is real and the science given to us should be used in a way to direct all the glory back to Him. However the world has tainted scientific fact and used it in a way to become independant of God. I find science fascinating, but I understand that while knowledge is helpful and useful, some knowledge should have stayed secret and needs to be respected in order to keep us accountable to hold ourselves in reverence to our Creator.

In the Missing:411 books by David Paulides, it is the lack of evidence that leads to a crime commited that should send off red flags. If the loved ones hadn't reported their loved ones missing, there would be no evidence of a crime. The fact that a missing person was reported is the only evidence to go on.  Like I said before, someone doesn't just spontaneously disappear.

I saw Sasquatch spontaneously disappear. That was enough to shake my foundation of what I knew reality to be. I had seen this sort of thing before, I had woken up from falling asleep on the couch with the t.v. on. I looked up from the arm rest and I saw a figure sitting on the chair across from me. I recognized this person and knew that I was not being burgled, as this person had been dead for many many years prior. I immediately got up from the couch and ran to the light switch on the wall, and turned on the light. I did not see this figure disappear as my back was to him when I bolted across the floor to the switch. When I turned around, the familiar person I had once known was gone.

When I stood crouched behind a tree, looking at Sasquatch from my yard, I saw this creature just leave. Not by the way of foot steps, but the way of an unseen pattern that only science can explain. One minute I was looking at a shape that held physical substance, and then in a second it was gone. It did not fade, it just was there, and then it wasn't. I can't explain it any better than that, but science can and the way that Sasquatch can move in and out of a seen and unseen reality has everything to do with electromagnetic energy. 

To be continued...