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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Getting closer to the truth

I have say I stumbled on the book Missing 411 quite by accident, a friend had tipped me off to the book, but I have to admit I approached the conversation with a bit of a narrow mind. It wasn't that I didn't want to read the book, I just had a prejudgment in my heart and mind already.

I am a crisis outreach mentor, and with that, I help all sorts of people from every kind of walk of life you can imagine. Everything that people share with me is held in the strictest of confidence except where children's welfare are concerned. Authorities do not take abuse lightly especially when it is in the form of any sort of child abuse. When someone approaches me with such a case, I am legally bound to report it, (I would report it even if I wasn't legally bound.) but I will say, just because I have to report something of that nature doesn't mean that I hold judgment. My training in outreach doesn't have room for that. Everyone has the right to believed, and I can't explain why I didn't take this approach with this book.

When the subject matter of this book came up in conversation, I honestly thought that because of my own peronsal experiences of getting to know and understand human nature, I honestly thought David Paulides was perhaps mistaken. I didn't want to believe that bigfoot was responsible in taking people in the woods, but I didn't have all the facts. I approached this like so many of us in the bigfoot community do; with preconcieved ideas that have no merit and do not hold any weight against the factual evidence we have YET to learn. Our minds become closed off when we allow pride to get in the way. If we just get over ourselves, I'm throughly convinced we'd be alot further ahead in bigfoot discovery and research than what we truly are.

I tried to steer the direction of debate and foster an argument to make a case agaist blaming bigfoot. I wanted to believe that some sick and sadistic person was finding a way to prey upon our loved ones when we least expected it. That's how evil works in this world, and I convinced myself of that fact and never gave it any more thought until...

I woke up one morning with a question posed to me as I lay in bed just waking out of a peaceful sleep ' Does the air hold a magnetic charge?'  Now this may not seem like it has anything to do with anything especially bigfoot, but it does. And this question led me on a quest to find answers and in finding those answers I stumbled upon David Paulides interviews online.

Let me backtrack a moment here...

If you haven't read my second book entitled 'The true existence of non existent entities' you are in for a real treat! I approach the bigfoot phenomenon from not only a Christian perspective, but a scientific one as well. I absolutely love science. I don't necessarily like the way science approaches her questions to problematic issues; however, I believe that science can and does validate the world around us in which God created. Understanding science helps to understand our physical and spiritual world as each realm co-exists together as the very fabric of how each exists over laps itself into the other.

The approach I took to find out for myself what sasquatch really were and how they could do what they do, was for me a mission of fact finding. I understand that some people do not need to know how or why sasquatch act and do what they do; but because I had such an extensive historical background with things that were unseen and yet VERY real to me, I had to find out everything I could  in order to better equip myself so that I would  never be taken off guard again.

When I awoke to the particular question in my mind, I knew where God was leading me. I already knew from researching the science behind sasquatch that there were more answers that needed to be found.  I googled my specific question and found some long drawn out answers,  that led me down a long rabbit hole.

The specific search led me to such topics as:

*The true nature of the philadelphia experiment
*The Nazi bell
*Static electromagnetic charges on a LARGE scale that can create an unseen barrier.
*Electromagnetic frequencies and their negative effect on surrounding populations.

All this scientific - science fiction sounding bruha-ha all started from searching out one credible source; Einstien's unified field theory.

To be continued...