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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Lots of questions very few answers.

I recieved the Book Missing 411 in the mail Monday morning, and it has been almost a non stop journey reading all 353 pages of it. For me, it was hard to put down and it is something that I haven't stopped thinking about since I first stumbled onto the online interviews about this book. ( In fact, while I waited for the book to arrive in the mail, I took the opportunity to do some internet searches of missing person cases in national parks and forests.)

I admit, I was so sad to hear of the cases of missing persons David Paulides discusses in interviews, and that perhaps gave me the heads up I needed in order to continue to read this book. Missing 411 certainly takes you on a journey, and one that rarely reaches a happy ending. Each story is cold, dark and sinister as the one before it and IF you begin to read this book unprepared, your heart bleeds with sympathy and heroic admiration for what the victims and thier families have been through. Today, my heart continues to weep.

As a parent, I cannot imagine the utter torment and dread that another parent has to go through in knowing that their child is missing and may never be found. It's a fight within me that I constantly struggle with as I try to justify in letting my own daughter play outside in the front yard with our family pet and companion, Mugs. 

My family and I know what hides beyond the shadows of the trees, and shame on us for not acting in accordance to that reality. We have been made aware of that reality since 2008,( and I have since learned that encounters go far back into the early 80's.) and still, I walk about my property as if I am ruler and subjugator of all the woodland creatures. It's not a cockiness I assure you. However most of us do not know what secrets are lurking in the woods and this is most unfortunate because the public has a RIGHT to know.

Let me say this; willful ignorance is not street smart, especially now adays when there is so much information about what could be out in the woods besides, bear and bobcat. To think that abduction can't happen to you while hunting, camping or hiking, is just folly and nonsence..ical.

I remember walking through parking lots to get to the vehicle when me and my then younger children had just come out of a store. I would coach them, showing them by example of how to walk with confidence all the while looking around, teaching them to become familiar with their surroundings. I made it clear that keeping one's eyes and ears open is what it takes to keep one safe from predators lurking behind and amongst parked cars. The time has finally come where now we need to carry some sort of street creds when camping because our national forests and parks are proving time and time again, they are no longer naturally hazardous.

David Paulides implies that there are those in law enforcement who are deliberately keeping information from the public as to who or what maybe behind all these abductions. I am not an investigator, I am however highly annalytical (to a fault) and for me it is highly improbable that a person living among society is the said predator in these cases.  Especially when the missing person reports date back in history to at least a hundred years. The next logical assumption is to presume that a few predator type people are to blame, and are possibly working together or their efforts are spread out over the country and are syncronous of each abduction or relatively close within a timeline. But this becomes illogical when you take into account how remote of a place these abductions occured in.  Even the statistical probability that the predators were highly skilled in thier crimes to leave no trace evidence and to never make a mistake becomes moot in point. All this highly unlearned, unskilled layman's reasoning leads us to believe that the people abducted were not victims of human nature no matter how sick and twisted or diabolical the unknown reasoning behind such crimes may seem.

Humans are not to blame in the abductions of these people. I am convinced of that.

The next logical assumption would lead us to believe that the victims succumbed to animal predators. I would easily believe this, however the evidence suggests otherwise. All animals leave some kind of trail or trace evidence that they were in the area. I am told that bears are messy. They leave a trail of scat where ever they wander. If a bear print is found, one should be able to find scat near the print. I have seen this myself, on my own property. I have found bear tracks and followed them into the tree line, and where I lost the trail, I picked it up again by looking for scat left behind. Again, I am not a hunter, and barely a backyard enthusiast tracker. However most people will tell you that animals exhibit certain behavioral and territorial traits and abductiong children and unsuspecting teens and adults of either sex is not something that is characteristic of animal attacks.

Wild animals are instinctual and highly territorial and will attack a human if they are threatened, hungry or are looking for a mate. To attack and leave NO FOOT PRINTS, NO BLOOD TRAIL, NO SCENT of urine or pheramones is HIGHLY IRREGULAR and UNCHARACTERISTIC of any DOMESTIC or WILD animal.

So, who can be blamed for these abductions? Someone has to be blamed. Our children, loved ones, and friends just don't go missing without some sort of explaination. No one goes missing on their own. One cannot just spontaneously disappear.

Law enforcement have training and years of profiling predators and crime scenes to understand what is going on. With some of these abduction cases, it would seem that the investigative teams do know what is going on; they can't or won't say for reasons unknown.

David Paulides knows, but out of respect for the families, he chooses not to speak out as to what is truly going on. I understand that, and I admire that. However as a mother, and as someone who has witnessed the underpinnings of what is really going on in the woods, I am obligated to speak out. I would want someone to come forward with information if it concerned my welfare, or whereabouts if I went missing. If someone had information that COULD PREVENT my loved one's disappearance or help find them or me more quickly,  I would want them to speak out no matter how odd or incredulous the answers may seem.

I morally cannot sit here and not speak out.  I do not understand how law enforcement can sleep snuggly as a buggly at night with their families safe, knowing what they (scratch that, WHAT WE) know; knowing that there are families whose hearts are breaking in two trying to find and decipher answers. The law enforcement took an oath to serve the people. I have not taken such an oath, but I tell you some nights I cannot sleep well at night because I myself want to make sure that I have done all I can do to help. I have some idea of what these victims went through. I document my encounters of Bigfoot in my own book entitled 'Non existent entities' and after reading my story, you will quickly see the importance of speaking out about Bigfoot as I do.

David Paulides book for me has only solidified and made the reasons only more clear and succinct to bring Bigfoot awareness to the forefront of public attention;  but NOT to promote Bigfoot as friends of the forest and not to gain them protected status. It seems obvious that David Paulides investigations bring a truth to our reality that certain people want or need to be suppressed. However in exposing the truth, justice is stood up for and the victims are finally given a voice and can be laid to rest. These are clearly crimes against humanity, and these deaths are not in vain, because in learning the truth, hope can be restored as answers are given.

This information is to help intervene in hopes to reunite loved ones, and also to provide preventative measures to help keep loved ones safe and out of harms way.

I am throughly convinced the reason why authorities do not alert the public has in part to do with revenue, but the other part is that authorities do not know how to deal with such a creature that works in stealth mode. Currently there is no weaponry or safety protocols in place against the predatory antics of the creature people so lovingly and affectionately call Bigfoot.

Questions that have yet to be answered:

My copy of Missing 411 is peppered with sideline comments and questions. I began reading this book with one suspect in mind, and nothing I have read in this book has caused me to deviate from my way of thinking. It in fact it only has solidified in me down to the depths of my soul that because of the experiences that I've had with the creature I call Sasquatch ( You may call it Bigfoot) , that I will go so far as to say that authorities cannot hold the predator(s) accountable because that would mean they would have to TRY to stop a criminal that they KNOW they cannot stop.

Once a subject is named how do we hold them accountable for such crimes? How do we stop these creatures from taking our loved ones? How do we prevent them from abducting people?  How can we prove that bigfoot is and should be held accountable?

So many questions but so few answers... until now.

To be continued...