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Sunday, December 23, 2012

For what it's worth...

It's easy to dismiss what we do not know. It's even equally as easy to dismiss things that we have seen but normally do not see. I wish I wasn't so complacent, and I have to admit, I still am but no longer do I dismiss the things unexplainable.

The summer of 2008 was when we had frequent visitations on our farm from Sasquatch. The first time we knew that sasquatch was making its rounds to our farm; ( we suspect that we have been visited further back than what we realize. This property has a history of unexplainable encounters with the original owners that date back to the late 70's early 80's.) we did not see anything, but heard the tree whaps to let us know that the creature known as sasquatch was on the move, and moving on our property, not far from where we sat infront of a late March bonfire.

After that encounter, I decided to bait an area and place a camera trap in an area that was close to the fire pit as there was evidence to let us know that we were being watched. Up turned rocks that were heavily embeded in the ground, that no man could possibly dig out on their own without some sort of tool. The evidence was pretty clear, the rocks were beside the hole from where they were from, no tool marks, no dig marks, it was if they were just clutched with finger tips and little strength was used to pull the rocks from their resting position. (These were considerable sized rocks, rocks bigger than a typical sized man's fist, aprox 4x's the size.)

With the bait site frequented, setting up the camera was the next reasonable option, however getting the cuprit on film was no easy task. The conditions have to be just right, and one day, those conditions presented themselves. However, even then the situation was not perfect. The camera took a picture of something,  a figure presumably laying in the grass, but the camera for some reason malfunctioned as it took photos that were highly over exposed. This seemed to be par for the course with us. The camera has taken pictures of squirrel, deer, fox, racoon, skunk, birds, and each time the camera takes stellar photos. When the suspected creature known as Sasquatch comes around; that's when the camera acts up and takes photos that are blurry, over exposed and I've even had the data chip become corrupted for some unknown reason!

With the latest episode of a possible dog abduction freshly out of my mind, I let Daxter out again at about 7:00 pm one August evening. The sun was out and it was a clear sky, warm and little breeze. I was in the the living room watching a t.v program and waited until the commercial to open the door for him. Before that, I could hear him barking and barking. He was determined and I was a bit annoyed because I could hear him through the living room wall that acted as a blocade shutting me in from the outside world. I could hear his bark through the wall and pin point where he was outside. I was annoyed but shrugged his barking off as perhaps he was communicating with a squirrel as I gave little regard to the fact he was at the bait site. Mugs had taught him some bad habits as those two became best friends. Mugs loves to chase squirrels, birds and of all things, butterflies. It is the darndest thing to see this dog with his ears flopping around as he bounds after a butterfly that seems to know its being chased. The little flutter bug will swist and turn about in the air leading Mugs in a playful game of follow the leader.

I went outside to call Daxter a while later after his barking settled down. I walked across the front lawn and again called for the little puppy, but he did not return. I spun around on my heal and called for him in the opposite direction. He came running up to me and started barking. My back was to the treeline where the bait site and camera trap was. This dog was barking at me and wouldn't stop. I tried to settle him down, but realized this dog was not making eye contact with me like usual. He was looking at something behind me. To this day, I don't know WHY I didn't turn around. But I know something was behind me, it was evident the way Daxter was reacting. In my mind, I thought why bother what I'm looking for is never there anyway, so why try to look, I won't find it. I wish I had because at least I would have known.

A few days later I decided to look at the camera photos, and the camera took three pictures and one of them was of the creature Daxter was barking at- that day. I looked at the time stamp and I thought to myself, if I had gone out there sooner, what would I have seen? Then I began to look at the second photo, it was so over exposed I couldn't determine what I was looking at. It wasn't until years later did I see what I needed to see with fresh eyes. I had on camera proof that Sasquatch did take my puppy. However because I was not used to seeing objects or things manefest in such a way I chalked it up to a malfunctioned camera, however I do not believe this is what happened.

The camera took 3 pictures, all within seconds from eachother. The three photos are unexplainable. One photo with nothing in it, and not over exposed. The second being over exposed with a figure in it that is darkened and should be over exposed however not quite. The figure is low and presumably trying to remain hidden, and my dog Daxter is standing closest to the camera looking in the direction of the creature. The third frame is more of the same over exposed picture only now the figure is no longer in the position of where it initially was, and no longer is it darkened. It is closer to the camera, and in the spot where Daxter once stood, who is now on his side, has something clearly covering him. Again, I assumed that the frame was too over exposed to determine that there was anything wrong with my dog. Perhaps he was scared, went to turn and run but tripped over his feet and the camera caught him scrambling to regain his balance.

I no longer believe this is what the picture is trying to suggest. I took a look more closely at the photo and used Paint Shop Pro imaging tool against it, to try to figure out what exactly I was looking at. If the camera was over exposed, like I had assumed, then placing an editing mask on the picture should not show any results.  Meaning that if the camera over exposed a picture that was taken of grass, placing any mask or imaging enhancement to correct color, or contrast should not prove to be effective. The result should not show any image of grass, or any other artifact originally in the picture. Over exposure ruins the negative from any definitive picture quality. However when I manipulated the picture, I was able to determine that the camera was not over exposed naturally. I do not believe that these pictures are caused by over exposure naturally. However I believe that the over exposure was deliberate but unnaturally caused due to an unexplainable trait that sasquatch can express.
The circle at bottom right corner is where Daxter can be seen laying on his side.

If this  picture was caused by natural over exposure, then why can the trees still be seen, why is Daxter only partially over exposed? It is because I believe the camera caught Sasquatch doing what it does best, hiding in plain sight.  I believe the camera took a picture of a moment of abduction.
I believe this shows how sasquatch is able to leave the scene of a crime leaving no trace.
I went back to this area and again, I did not find any signs of foot prints or any sort of trail leading up to this 'attack'.  I could not find any wear pattern, trampled down grass from a creature scurrying up to my dog. Again, had this creature moved in a way that my dog could see it coming after him, any animal would have ran from its pursuer. How then was my dog able to get caught? Because of the secretive nature of sasquatch science is trying to deny.

Picture of darkened figure with Daxter in the bottom right corner.
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Enhancement of darkened figure. If this was 'over exposed' enhancement should not turn up any detail.



Enlarged figure from original photo.
lighened and contrast manipulated of enhanced (enlarged) photos

Regardless of what you may think, or are yet ready to believe. Logic and common sense suggests that these pictures could show a natural phenomenon to sasquatch that we are not yet ready to accept. This I cannot deny because my original sighting was not a conventional sighting and for me, these pictures prove not deny my initial encounter. For me these pictures also show a possible conclusion as to how sasquatch could possibly get away with abduction as David Paulides suggests. Again out of respect for the victims, David will not suggest publicly that sasquatch is to blame. He is open to the possibility. I however out of respect for the victims of sasquatch will voice my sightings and what I know about these creatures, unexplainable or not in order to help bring mounting evidence to a difinitive conclusion. It's time the victims were given a voice. These pictures are to help them in bringing their victimization to an end. DO NOT CIRCULATE THESE PHOTOS! I AM NOT POSTING THEM TO EVOKE CURIOSITY.