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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Sasquatch is as Sasquatch does

It's true, Sasquatch for most, is what it appears to be, an animal. However one should be careful not to jump to any conclusions that solidify the idea that that is all that they are. The aspects of elusiveness and secrecy alone tells us that we are dealing with a creature that is more methodical and diabolical in nature than what was once previously thought.

I cannot tell you how many times I have heard people express to me 'Sasquatch are more timid of you. They are shy and not easily provoked because they'd sooner run away from you than to chase you.' Really? Seriously?

That has not been my experience nor the experience of those who are brave enough to share their stories. The capabilities of Sasquatch are down played for a reason as they (meaning Sasquatch)purposefully do not show consistent acts of agression for a reason. 

It is true that those who are looking for these creatures with a purely scientific mind, will only find evidence to support such reasoning because that is what they are only looking for. A scientific mind is not searching out the secret things of sasquatch. It is most likely that thier firm belief will not allow them to deviate from their stance of  'factual' reasoning. To believe that sasquatch could be so much more would mean that the scientist would have to abandon the foundation of what they knew to be factually true. (Thier training dictates the way that they think.)

I know what it's like to abandon a foundation as I once believed that foundation in my heart to be true. I have my own sighting of Sasquatch to thank for that. I'm not taking a sarcastic tone here. If it were not for seeing Sasquatch the way that I did, I would never have been forced to recognize the errors in a so called truth that I believed.  (that's another story for another day, but is relevent none the less.)

If you want to find the answers to your questions, you are going to have to get honest with yourself and become open minded enough to say that you do not know but you are willing to find out, where ever that knowing may lead.

David Paulides said it best in an interview; "If you call yourself a Sasquatch researcher, you cannot be closed minded because if you are, you then are only seeking the facts that agree with what you are willing to believe." (That's my paraphrasing, but I give him the credit.) That is what I have been saying all along, although a bit differently.

If you want sasquatch to be an animal, that's all it will ever be. You cannot see the evidence as being anything else because you have preconditioned yourself to believe that Sasquatch acts a certain way and therefore for you, sasquatch is what it appears to be. For me, I didn't have that luxury. I did not have a conventional sighting and because of that, I see the evidence that David Paulides presents in a very succinct and defining way. Because of my own encounters with the elusive and secretive nature of sasquatch I am able to see the same defining characteristics within the abduction cases that David's book, Missing: 411 documents.

The one thing to keep in mind is that in all these missing person cases that David documents, there is no evidence that the trained authorities can follow to aid in a quick recovery. At the scene of the crime, there is no evidence. There is no trail, no sign of a struggle, no tracks, no scent; there is nothing to help law enforcement or forestry personelle to find and bring back that missing person to safety. This is something that I know all too well as this is a characteristic of the visitations of the sasquatch that frequented my property.

My initial sighting is highly unexplainable, and when the creature had departed from the scene, I went over to where it had stood, as I observed it from a distance across the road. It was standing amid four foot tall weeds at a slight incline and yet as I stood in the very spot where it had stood moments earlier, there was absolutely no visible evidence anywhere that proved to me that I saw what I saw.

The grass and weeds were not broken, or trampled down. They were not leaning to the side, but instead remained upright. There was no track line in the dirt or in the grass to show where it had come from or which direction it departed in. It was as if that spot a Sasquatch never stood.

Little did I know that this type of encounter was just the first of many that were evasive, elusive and secretive. These encounters eventually led me to understand the truth within the consistent pattern that slowly began to develop enabling me to understand exactly what the sasquatch truly are.

My initial sighting
 ( A jeuvenile sasquatch observing something as something unknown in the
opposite direction of where I stood held its interest.)