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To some it is one whopper of a tale, but to me, I can only remain true to my experience. I detail that experience in the book entitled 'Non Existent Entities'.

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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Sasquatch makes an introduction...

It's easy to not believe what we don't understand. Just when we have jumped over the hurdle of understanding that Sasquatch is not an animal, the stories that become known to us seem too bizzare to be real.

Once you begin to understand for yourself what Sasquatch is not, and that window of belief narrows, the possibilities of what Sasquatch truly is, widens. If you belive that Sasquatch is no longer an animal, that does not give you the right to close your mind off to any unnatural abilities that these creatures possibly could have.

It seems to fanciful to think that sasquatch could be taking our loved ones out of the blue. The forests are one place where we should feel safe, aside from the natural predators, but we have been educated on what to look for and how to read the signs of predictability in the wild animals. We know how to keep ourselves relatively safe when out in the woods. However there is nothing that can educate us on how to keep ourselves safe from sasquatch.

The scientists want us to believe we are dealing with unknown scientific taxonomy. That's all well and good, but even they do not have the answers to help us understand how to keep ourselves safe. With what science knows, they cannot, and should not claim to be the authority on sasquatch and try to educate the public on sasquatch behavior. They tell us 'back yard layman' to not give ourselves over to speculation, but this is exactly what they are doing when they allow their facts to line up with known animal species. I'm not here to cut down the science. In all honesty I really wish that we could all work together on this, the community is so divided, however I refuse to allow anyone to deny the experiences I've had. I have to remain true to my experience, because for the longest time, I allowed myself to deny the unexplainable, because I wanted science to believe me.

When I first began encountering Sasquatch on my property I had purchased a little chihouhua/terrier cross. He was the cutest little thing. I called him 'Daxter' after one of my favorite video games, Jack and Daxter. This little puppy was such a buddy and sadly he died five months after adopting him. Thankfully Sasquatch had nothing to do with his death, but that's not to say that he and Sasquatch did not meet.

I had let Daxter out one morning to do his business, and at the time, I had not realized that Sasquatch was a frequent visitor to my property. I've said this before and I'll say it again, I was so complacent then, things that I know now, I wish I payed attention to then because I would have had so much more proof and understanding. I let Daxter outside on his own, and after about 15 minutes I opened the door, thinking that he would just come in on  his own as this was what was his usual routine. Daxter was not at the door waiting.

I went outside and did a perimeter check around the house. I was bending down looking underneath the fir trees, looking under my vehicle, parked near the back door, looked up and down the driveway, nothing. There was no where this little puppy could go in such a short amount of time. If he was close by, I would have seen him. The fir trees were manicured so that we could cut the grass around them, the lawn was mowed, there was nothing laying around on the lawn that this puppy could hide in. The yard is just green empty space in the summer time, there was no where this dog could hide.

To be honest, this dog was such a puppy and so tiny, in comparisson to Mugs, he never wandered far. He always stayed close. If me and my family were outside and I was separated from them, Daxter would follow me around, not them. He would leave me to go check on them, but he'd come right back. He was a dog that stayed close and was not prone to wander off. I suppose there's always a first time.

I went in the house to get Mugs. We went out the back door and again I looked under my Jeep. Daxter was not hiding under there. This would have been the safest place he could go. The only other place he could hide was underneath the old house on the property, about 20 feet from the main house. I grabbed the flashlight, got down on my kneess, no, he was not there.

I called out to him. It was as if this puppy vanished. Suddenly my gut told me that this puppy was taken. I don't know how I know, but I just knew. Where I live people do not drive by and take animals. My place is remote. I have a dirt road in front but it is rarely travelled. I see maybe five cars drive by a week in the winter. The summer maybe double that, and usually these cars are driving by fast, not caring to stop to see what they can lift from my yard. The fir trees lining the property shelter me from people looking in.

I stood in the side yard next to the house and I spoke into the air. ' Give me back my dog. He does NOT belong to you. ' I even swore at the creature. It was just gut instinct to talk to it. I was mad at the thought this creature just took my pet out of curiosity or for whatever. In my mind it had no right and I wanted it to know I knew, regardless if it chose to give back my dog or not. There was no other explaination for this puppy to be missing.

I waited, looked around. Looked at Mugs and asked him to go find Daxter. Mugs sniffed the ground, and it was clear he knew what I wanted. But he was just sniffing in circles. He looked up at me and his eyes looked back at me as if to answer , ' what do you want me to do? He's not here.' Then he proceeded to act like a puppy himself, with his attention diverted to a stick. Some help he was I thought to myself and proceed to wait, and look all the while calling Daxter.

'Give me back my dog! You have no right to take him. He's mine! He belongs to me! Give him back, you son of a bitch!' I yelled out in anger and in determination.

I spun around on my heal and there was Daxter, running towards me from up the driveway near the road. I expected him to run right to me, but he ran right past me, trying to avoid me. When I came near him, he was shivering, and he wouldn't stop barking. He backed into the corner of the house, and cowered. I tried talking to him but he wouldn't stop barking. He didn't want me near him. He winced when I reached out to pet him. I scooped him up in my arms. I smelled his fur and I could not smell anything on him to let me know where he had been. I did not smell grass, leaves, or dirt, not even a wet dirty dog/musty smell. There were no marks on him. I tried to dismiss this as this little dog wandering off too far from home, but something in me told me other wise. Sasquatch had my dog, and a month later, the game camera would show me the evidence as this incident would not be the first time Sasquatch would try to steal my dog.

To be continued...