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Friday, December 21, 2012

The reality is , what is unbelievable might very well be true

Secrecy is defined as being the state or condition of something that remains hidden, secret or concealed. While this is not the typical definition to describe Sasquatch, a more apropos meaning would suggest that this creature is elusive and evasive in nature more than it is secretive. However, one cannot ignore that together, both the elusive and secretive natures combined, give sasquatch a prowess that places this creature beyond any skill level of a mere wild animal or human.

 The element of suprise hidden behind the shadow of secrecy helps us to understand the deliberate behavioral traits of each predator in each of the missing persons cases. It is erroneous to assume that one individual or even a few are responsible for all the abductions especially without making at least one or a few mistakes leading law enforcement to successful outcomes. It is also equally erroneous to suggest that wild life is responsible for each and every single situation. The secrecy and elusiveness  alone puts away any suggestion that wild animals could be involved, because those two elements are out of the instinctual characterization of how wild animals behave.

What we are being shown in all these cases is a consistent behavior that is universal between all the missing person reports within forested areas, that show us someone, or something is capable of getting away with these crimes. It is because of the consistent behavior that weeds out the possibility of people falling victim to animal or human predators. This consistent behavior causes us to try to answer why. Why hide behind the elements of secrecy and elusiveness? What benefit does it offer to the predator to use such skill in such a diabolical way?

To ask these kinds of questions helps to rule out that no single animal we know of is capable of such methodical calculations, so who is capable of such things? If you've read the book or listened to the interviews, you will know that these cases are inhumanly possible to be blamed on another human because even humans are clumsy especially when we are out of our elements. With the man power that goes into search and rescue to find these missing people, someone would be able to find even a hint of a clue, but again nothing.

For those of you who have not read the book or listened to the interviews here's what a typical crime scene looks like:

  • The person has been separated from others, but the distance of separation is minimal such as merely minutes and within a few feet of others.

  • There is absolutely no trace evidence such as tracks, or signs of a struggle ruling out the possibility of any animal attack.

  • At the time of the said abductions, nothing was sensed out of the ordinary, there was nothing heard in the bush leading up to the abduction, and nothing heard after.

  • Children between the ages of 2-12 years old have been taken, and when found alive or deceased, the distance from the initial abduction site is too far for them to travel on their own. The terrain where they have been discovered also suggests the improbability of any animal or human responsibility.

  • The elderly, women and young adults also seem to be a part of a cluster group in and around where children have been taken.  This suggests the victims are weaker in physical capacity unable to fight back.

  • The age and mental state of the victims suggest the possibility of methodical reasoning behind the motives of the perpetrator. A young child is less likely to tell exactly what happened in detail, and so too with a mentally challenged individual. These individuals are less likely to be believed. The age and mental state also suggest a niavity and an innocence through a trusting nature.

  • Bright colored clothing seems to be a factor in possible abductions.

  • Victims are found in dry or shallow river beds. This suggests the improbability of evidence. Footprints and trace evidence are hard to find among rocks and boulders.

  • Victims are abducted in an area where there is a water source.

  • The place names play a key role; ie: Devil's mountain, spirit lake. Historical names given to places have often been changed, so looking into the original names of parks and land areas can help in defining key abduction areas.

  • The areas of abduction show historical sightings of sasquatch and unexplained phenomenon activity.
In understanding the evidence, leads us to again ask the question why. Why is sasquatch abducting people and hiding behind secrecy and elusiveness to do so? The answer isn't just a matter of stating point blank 'because they can'. The answer has everything to do with what they are  When we figure out what they are, we can better understand thier motives. Understanding their motives will help us to discover the ways to stop the perpetual victimization and keep ourselves and our loved ones safe. Knowledge is power and the more you know the more empowered you are to make informed decisions in your life.

What is sasquatch? Wouldn't we all like to know. That seems to be what we are all striving to figure out, those who are in the field of sasquatch research and discovery. To discover what sasquatch truly are, one has to keep an open mind to the possibilities beyond what physical evidence suggests. Even a lack of physical evidence is still evidence, as the abduction cases and missing person reports prove.

In following physical evidence one will always try to look for physical proof, but in following the lack of physical evidence, one will always find an alternative reality that exposes the truth behind the facade of secrecy and elusiveness that tries to prove a reason for reasonable doubt.

This is WHY sasquatch act the way they do, because when one doubts the evidence, or lack there of, one doubts the entire situation. Where there's doubt the truth remains hidden and the culprit is allowed to continue to do what it does best; avoid detection.

To be continued...