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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Is the devil in the details?

There is a re-occurring issue between these missing person's cases that seems to be a problem  no one wants to address. It lingers like a big ol pink elephant in the room, and as obvious as it maybe, it goes ignored because- many people would get offended.

Who in their right mind likes to be told that they are wrong? But that is the issue- human error.

It is a lack of common sense, good judgment and ill equipped and ill informed people that get themselves into trouble because most people ride the assumption that the worst could never happen to them.

Let me ask you, do you take the time to inquire about how many crimes have been committed at your favorite camp site each year? No, I don't think most people would even think to ask such a question. Most people assume that because a camp site or area of interest is popular that is the litmus test to prove that it must be legitimate and safe. If a camp site is hard to get into, or a park is always overflowing with people it must be that the area has something good to offer right?

If a family decides to take in a family outing and go berry picking around their home, why would there be any need to inquire about the area, since the area is called home? Home is an automatic safe haven, and again rarely does one inquire about the community, neighbors, or history behind them there hills way back yonder.

It is part of our human conditioning (or human nature )to assume we are safe;
 until something bad happens. 

Human error extends to the investigative and search and rescue teams as well, because they too are ill equipped and ill informed, making assumptions as they assume that each and every case is unique in itself. While these situations are, they ignore what past historical evidence has proven, and instead remain fixated on adhering to protocols that their training dictates. Clearly the training is outdated and needs to be revised to include an improbability that in these particular cases are most probable.

Human nature is predictable, but only if humans are involved.
We are all predictable, this is something our egos can no longer ignore. I have to say that if this post offends you so far, get off your egos. This information could help you, as it could help save your life so please stop making this as a personal attack- you have no idea what a personal attack by these creatures feels like and until you do, your best course is to just listen while you sip your cuppa coffee or tea, or tune me out.

It is human nature to let our guards down, to act at ease when we have proven that nothing will happen. It is common thinking to assume that just because nothing has happened so far, that nothing will happen. It is common knowledge to also assume that because nothing has happened in a while that nothing will happen immediately or again. Please keep in mind, an enemy is patient, cunning and will wait for the perfect opportunity...

I say this because as much as I hate to admit it, predictability through complacency is my downfall, and I have a recent encounter to include in this post because for me it answers a lot of questions and ones that I am sure you and I can compare notes on. It's an encounter that is relevant to this post as I started writing this weeks ago, but put it off because the answers are going to offend and I wanted to find a way to soften the blow and back up my thoughts with facts. Experience is a wonderful teacher as there are valuable lessons to be learned directly... but I would recommend taking someone's word for the experience and not to chase the experience yourself...

I was out in the greenhouse yesterday, Friday June 20, 2014 and I had gone out there to check on the plants, as it has been raining almost non stop for two weeks, the ground was wet and soggy, and I had been watering the plants, but with no heat from the sun to evaporate the water from the soil, I wanted to just make sure the plants were fairing well. (The time, just after lunch, about 12:30 pm.)

When I went out, the rain had lifted and the sun was out, and so to my surprise when I went in the greenhouse it was hot and  humid, an ideal situation for plants to grow in. It's funny, during the rainfall, the ground was saturated with water. Walking through the wet soggy grass would always get my socks soaked inside my shoes. ( I find rubber boots so uncomfortable) However as soon as the sun comes out; the soil is wet, but no longer soggy. Why I mention this is because during my encounter I believe that a piece of evidence was left behind for me to find. Had it been left behind any other time, the rain would have washed the evidence away. This evidence is important as it proves to me that something happened and it helps to validate everything I discuss on this blog.

So what happened? I fell asleep, that's what happened.

Inside the greenhouse, I have a little bistro set; a small round table and two chairs. They are located at the front of the greenhouse, and it's a spot that I like to sit and write, read, or just think. It's my quiet place and my family knows that if I can't be found in the house, the greenhouse is where I'll be. It's warm; I love the warmth. It's quiet, I love the quiet. It's peaceful, I love watching nature from the opened doors of my get-away-place.

Yesterday, I sat down, folded my hands on my lap, stretched out in the chair in a relaxed position and nodded off listening to the sounds of birds bathing themselves in a rock pond I build a few summers ago. I listened to the fluttering of wings behind the unzipped door. The breeze was calm and blew a draft into the greenhouse, but I didn't roll up the fabric doors, I just let them hang loose with the zipper opened because I wanted the heat to work it's magic on those plants. Anyway, I nodded off, for a few minutes. I was comfortable and relaxed. I was feeling my 'Zen' moment if you go for that sort of thing. I was in the zone, just cat napping in the sun listening. Have you ever been asleep where you are still able to hear the environment around you? Parents may know what I'm speaking of. Having a new born baby or children in the house while you are sleeping alerts you to any sound. Sometimes if you just hear them move in their beds you are awake and up. I wasn't in a deep sleep, I was resting, comfortable, quiet and I thought I sensed something approach the greenhouse, and the gentle flapping of the door interrupted my concentration and that annoyed me a bit because I wanted to hear the noise that was muffled by the door. There was something but I quickly dismissed it and allowed myself to just go back to focus on the birds. I did not have time to realize that the bird songs were gone...

My body became frozen, and I tried to get up from the table but I could NOT move. My body developed that tingling sensation that has been so familiar to me. I opened my eyes and could not move my head in any direction to view my attacker. I sensed them, I knew they were close but I couldn't see just how close.

My husband had just gotten home a few hours earlier from work and was inside the house sleeping. My daughter was also inside the house, I had left her to do some homeschool; french and after her assignment she was allowed to use the internet for the rest of the afternoon so she wouldn't be outside any time soon. THANK GOD!

I admit, I panicked. I panicked so hard that I tried to fight, and wrestle with this unseen force to which it was futile, but that didn't stop me. I was alone. I was helpless at my bistro set, with my head on the table I could see to the right of me, if I shifted my eyes further right I could see out the small weather grade plastic window... ( I had folded up my sweater and used that as a pillow, to rest my head on the table, the stretched out position was uncomfortable on my back and with my head on the table was relaxing. Not the best position I know, but we all did it as kids, when our teachers asked us to put our heads down on our desks.)

I saw a glimpse... a furry mound, and I screamed in my mind. I tried to speak but I could not, not even raspy wind escaped my lips. I was shocked at myself because I had no idea fear inside me could be any worse than what I had previously experienced. I was beyond terror if that were possible. I knew what was out there- in my yard and have always rebuked their presence before while my guard was up, but now my guard was down and they had the advantage.

Suddenly my mind raced to all those missing people. I thought of how easy it would be for these creatures to take me, just like they took them and no one would know. The police could say that I left, abandoned my husband and child, or went for a walk and would probably return sometime soon. I asked myself would my husband know where to look, would he look in the valley, or the river hills as they are called? There is such a stretch of forest on three sides of our home, if I went missing; I knew I would never be found.

The furry figure I saw was already crouched low as the windows themselves are only about two feet from the ground. As soon as I saw it, it shirked back to the corner of the enclosure. The door way was the only thing standing it its way, it could have reached through the door and touched me it was that close.

Where I was sitting
It would peer through the window, and a few times I would see it, and scream in my mind. I realized I was so not ready for this. I was so not ready! I sensed one was inside the greenhouse with me, it remained at a safe distance away, but I screamed at it in my mind ' Stay away! Don't you touch me! Don't you dare touch me!' Futile I know but it's a human response.

Closer view of my seat
It seemed like this encounter would never end! I was fully awake as I wasn't really sleeping, but that is how this happens when you are at your weakest moment, when your guard is down and when you do not suspect that anything can happen... WHAM! It does!

View to the back from my seat
I regained my inner composure and tried the best I could do to stop panicking. That wasn't doing me any favors as I knew from the past that it only prolongs an encounter. I began to call upon the Lord, Jesus. I first rebuked these creatures in my mind and then called out to Jesus. His name I repeated in my mind a few times as I tried to squelch panic and fear and I know as I've always known that rebukes do not immediately work with fear standing in the way because fear is a form of unbelief. Was I thinking that God wouldn't save me? No, I knew He would but the overwhelming fear is such a raw emotion when you allow it to take hold of you, it controls you and it grows with the things you experience that cause you to fear.

Have you ever read the story of the disciples retreating into fear when they saw the storm coming? Instead of dealing with it themselves through their God given authority, they retreated into fear and woke Jesus so that He could deal with it. He did, but He chastised His disciples by saying 'Ye of little faith.'  Where there is fear there is doubt and where there is doubt there can be no faith. This was me, I did not turn to what I knew but retreated from it because the fear that these creatures created in me by catching me off guard was that strong.

When nothing bad happens, we have no need to fall back onto our faith and hang onto it for strength. When nothing happens that challenges our faith, it cannot be strengthened. If our faith is not strengthened than there is no need for us to need the protection of our Lord.  What I mean is if we are not constantly mindful of God and just assume we have His protection day in and day out, how is that beneficial? It creates a stagnancy and complacency over any ability to rely on Him. If we remain reliant in Him and nothing bad happens, GOOD! This is what our lives SHOULD be like, but it's like God told me so long ago;

"Bad things happen to help us turn to Him." 
 This can be found in scripture, but worded differently. 

Thinking about it now afterward, I brought this trouble on myself through complacency.  (The disciples in the boat that turned to fear as they saw the storm had grown complacent before the storm came, and when it became visible to them, they weren't ready.) I had become stagnant assuming that these creatures were not going to return in any way that would affect me. I even posted about it, that they don't make their presence known to us much any more. Why is that? Because when I am out in my yard normally I am watchful, I am aware of my surroundings and I keep in mind of what they are and that they could be around and that helps me to be alert and prepared. If any time my dogs alert me to something that shouldn't be in their yard, I look. I know most often I don't see anything, but at least in my heart my faith is carried with me.

Yesterday, that was not the case because yesterday was not the only time I had taken time out to rest in the greenhouse.  It had happened twice before, just last week. The sound of the rain on the roof, the smell of the pine, the steel grey of the clouds casting a metallic hue all around. The solitude enveloped me like a warm glove, how could I not take advantage? Because nothing happened those first two times, I assumed nothing would happen to me the third; because nothing has happened to me in the past.

Finally, after what seemed like a lifetime of struggling against being motionless; my encounter with these creatures was over. I sat up after being pinned down like a rocket reaching for the sky. I looked around and everything seemed normal. There was nothing to let me know that the reality of what had just happened was at all real. I walked around to check for foot prints. I lifted the tarps I have on the ground up to check for the slightest indentations. Then I went outside...

In the flower bed, next to the corner of the greenhouse where I saw the creature that led me to panic was an indentation in the soil. This indentation was peculiar as it didn't look like anything substantial, that is until I put my hand up  to it.  The indentation I believe is of a hand. It isn't a palm print with five spread fingers, but of a hand with fingers close together with the thumb spread. This is the hand's normal reaction to take the weight of the body when one goes to lean on one's hand. Try it. We do not naturally lean on our hands with an open palm.
Impression left in the soil

Taken with iphone, different angle

Taken with iphone my hand as a reference for shape

Red highlight to show hand outline as comparable with the shape of the thumb and index finger of my own hand.

Fools get burnt. I was foolish to think, and assume that with all the past activity IN THAT AREA that I was in control. By me altering the landscape by placing a few flowers in the area, erecting a greenhouse does not allow me final say of what goes on or transpires there. I wasn't thinking that exactly, it's just that I've taken ownership of the area with the landscape modifications that I assumed that perhaps this would allow me to alter the reality of who visits my yard, and allow me to focus not so much on them, but my needs and goals. (Greenhouse for growing our own food.) This is no different in assuming that just because one purchases a home and goes berry picking on owned land that it is safe for them to do so.

After investigating the area and taking pictures, I went inside (the time on the clock read 2:30 pm) and thought about this further. I asked God what was the significance? Why was I not taken? (I thanked Him humbly that I was not taken!) Immediately the theme for THIS particular blog post came to mind.

To be continued...