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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Wrestling with the truth that becomes reality

The missing persons situations show us that it no longer matters what we are willing or unwilling to accept. To place such boundaries on improbabilities only continues to make the situation about us, and it isn't. It's about the victims, those who are left behind and those who are taken. The only way this becomes about us, is as a collective group on how we can possibly keep ourselves safe, by watching out for one another by informing each other. We need to do that; to start watching out for our fellow man for the betterment of our world.

We need the truth. The families deserve the truth, because the reality of what is going on is a crime against humanity. I am guilty for not taking this as serious as this needs to be. Shame on me, because I know and what I know is not something the families would want to hear. Thank God for David Paulides for his working slant helps the families come to some sort of understanding. While those understandings are beneficial to a point, they don't help in discovering what needs to be discovered; the truth.

We assume we have all the answers; I know I do. But as it turns out just when I think I have things all figured out; I really don't. That's what happened with me and this interview.  I assumed I knew what David was going to say, and his interview was just more of the same. I don't mean that to sound rude but like I said, and I am sure you will agree, that listening to missing person's stories leaves a black cloud around one's heart.
I wanted to listen but in all honesty, I had been engulfed in a separate area of study, that needed my attention. How was I to know that one had everything to do with the other?

I didn't and I didn't assume that they did as I couldn't have known this until after I had concluded my area of study. They say timing is everything and the bible tells us that there are no such things as coincidences. Things truly happen for a reason...

But I need to back up, because the truth behind this is detailed as it is confusing.

What makes one a criminal? A criminal is defined by being a law breaker, someone who performs acts outside the law. The law is a set of rules that govern our world for the betterment of humanity; to help keep us safe and living free from terror, stress and conflict. Those rules of law are set by a certain level of standards created by God, nature and man.

The laws of nature as discussed earlier in the post entitled 'Wrestling with the truth' are by-passed by criminals but cannot be eradicated or erased. If an event occurs that usurps our laws of nature, then what caused the circumvention is not dictated to or bound by these laws. If those acts that negate our laws of nature cause harm to earthly life; we can say with certainty that these are crimes against life and humanity. Just because these criminals go against the rules we have no choice but to live by doesn't mean they can't be found out. 

It isn't uncommon for investigators of a crime scene to enlist the help of a psychological profiler.  What a profiler does is they get a sense of who a criminal is by looking at items of a crime scene. An investigator looks at the evidence, but a profiler looks into why the evidence exists in the first place. Was the cigarette stub left in that spot deliberately or was it tossed in haste? Did the criminal place the shoe by the body or did it inadvertently fall off? These questions lead to deeper questions that help the psychologist better define the criminal so that the investigators can better anticipate in apprehending the criminal.

Finding out the answers to WHY will always lead us to WHO.
Why: So you can't be located , found out or caught.

At the risk of sounding repeating...through the lack of certain evidence we can understand that the criminal is NOT working within our parameters of the natural laws as these laws can somehow be erased. This leads us to believe that we are dealing with a being that targets humans but is not human itself.

This leaves us at a conundrum because our natural laws dictate that we have to see evidence in order to prove something has taken place or exists. If there is no evidence, then it didn't happen or doesn't exist. But clearly something does exist, because the lack of evidence is evidence in itself.

Who do you know of that has the ability to 
defy the laws of nature in an earthly sense and can leave no trace of its existence behind? 

Let's keep this simple and not get too carried away with the answer. Universally most people know and believe that the spiritual world exists. God who is spirit exists in a way that is unseen. He has also created creatures that also exist as unseen. We call these beings angels. ( Good and bad; bad is commonly known as fallen.) Out of these three types of beings, who is the most likely source? A quick answer would be to say the fallen angels. But why? Is there any biblical evidence to prove that they are the most likely source of unexplainable crimes against humanity?

"When the Most High gave the nations their inheritance, when he divided all mankind he set up boundaries for the peoples according to the number of the sons of Israel." Deuteronomy 32:8

The above scripture is wrong. Because I use scripture to help people discover the love of God, and help them sort out personal issues through crisis outreach; I have to make it a point to dig down to the truth, and this was what I was working on when David Paulides interview just happened to cross my way.

I had just pulled an all nighter, and was extremely tired. I was exhausted, physically and emotionally. I was hoping to go to sleep and put the ear phones on just to shut out the world. I drew the curtains to my room, laid down on the bed and expected to just listen to a bit of the interview.

The interview actually woke me up! ( In more ways that one!)

I was emotionally drained because two days before I wrestled with the hidden truth of the above scriptural quote. This was huge! I've been digging into my own Christianity and belief system since bigfoot entered my life. In 2008 I ignored my faith in order to pursue this creature in a way that I hoped would satisfy my religious belief and human desire.  As it turns out its one or the other. One cannot pursue them both and find peace or satisfaction. For me, I had to face the truth and the facts were what you already know about through my experiences documented within my books.  My experiences with these creatures proved a reality that at the time I truly wish didn't exist. But I since retract that statement because without God I am nothing and I would rather have God's love and face His creation good and bad, then to endure this life alone without my Father.

I began to contemplate personally what this scripture meant, and it put everything in proper perspective, and if this scripture can be wrong, so can others. This I found to be true over the years, there are a lot of covered truths when it comes the Word of God. It may be His word, but it's man's translation and interpretation of it that has caused us so many problems and hurt so many people.  This is how the above scripture should read:

 "When the Most High gave the nations their inheritance, when he divided all mankind he set up boundaries for the peoples according to the number of the sons of God." Deuteronomy 32:8 

 The 'sons of God' and the 'sons of Israel' are not describing the same people. To add to the confusion, the sons of Israel were not even a nation at the time when God divided mankind at the tower of Babylon. (To which the above scripture is giving reference.)  The Israel nation came through the sons of Jacob. So why didn't God just say sons of Jacob? He does, but this portion of scripture has nothing to do with them. 'Sons of God' are in reference to Genesis 6, where the sons of God partnered with the daughters of men to create the Nephilim.

Seventy nations are documented as originating from the three sons of Noah. These are the nations that are given over to the 70 sons of God to subjugate and rule over. This is more easily understood through the story of Jesus being confronted with one of the sons of God known as satan, and was offered the kingdoms if Jesus would bow down and worship this being. Satan could offer Jesus the kingdoms because they were his inheritance to give away! Now suddenly the curse God placed on this divine being at the Garden makes sense! Is it any wonder why we fight amongst each other and among other nations? Not when enmity has been there from the beginning.

"For the Lord's portion is his people, Jacob his allotted inheritance." Deuteronomy 32:9

Oh this hurt like a son of a ... to realize that the divine beings who lost their position have made this world their playground. The earth at the time Jesus was offered the kingdoms was not a place of beauty or tranquility. The Mayan civilization was in full swing with their sacrificial offerings to a blood thirsty 'god' and the Han Dynasty struggled through its leadership with brutality and poverty.  Don't even get me started talking about Rome. They bathed in sin daily through various lusts of the flesh such as war and fulfilling hidden sexual desires.  But just because 70 nations were given their inheritance doesn't mean it has to stay that way.

We all know that God is a loving God and anyone who calls upon the name of the Lord will be saved. This means that anyone who has the desire to love God can do so freely, and God will accept him as a son or daughter; I know this to be true because for 20 years I was subjected to the brutality of the fallen ones and their offspring. ( Through the use of the ouija board. I post my story online, click here.) After changing my life, by following after the ways of God's son, no longer am I a victim. I am no longer suppressed and held as a subordinate because I am free through true deliverance. However because I've had the experience, I know a little something about the character of the fallen and maybe can give a little bit of insight into how and why they operate, and why people go missing without a clue.

This is how I know to fight back by striking back. To help the public become aware by understanding the realities of this world because most of us do not have a clue. Because we don't share in the experience we assume the one who experienced things so outrageously unreal must be making this stuff up. I assure you, I have not made a living off the sales of my books and the majority of the work I do is for free, so I am not in this for notoriety or for money. I have nothing to gain by sharing something with you that causes you the public to label me as a person who needs psychological help.

I NEED TO DIGRESS JUST A BIT: By these same standards I or anyone else with a similar story is labeled, it is only fair that our biblical ancestors are labeled also. Was Moses who was given guidance and direction from a burning bush crazy? Was the entire crowd off their meds when Moses threw his staff down on the ground and it turned into a snake? Was Mary Magdalain perhaps just really tired of her mundane life that she told everyone she was possessed just so she could get away with her bad behavior? I am not trying to trivialize or make fun of scripture. I respect God deeply, but I am just trying to prove a point. Why do we believe in stories of the past that which we cannot bear witness to and have no way of authenticating, but yet dismiss similar experiences that occur today that CAN be authenticated? We believe in God who is the SAME YESTERDAY, TODAY AND TOMORROW - right?

I believe that for the naysayers, if they believe they have to accept and if they accept the strange realities of this world, it means that we truly have very little control over our lives than what we think. I get that; I understand that because I LIVED that way even through my horrendous experiences. I shifted my life in a way that would help me avoid what was happening to me. I lived on very little sleep and nothing helped- except God. He is what validated for me that I was not crazy. My torment stopped, not over night but with His help. Not with therapy, medication but by living a lifestyle every believer is required to do.

(End rant. I apologize for my digression.)

Because our fear empowers our enemy.  After soul searching the similarities of two seemingly unfamiliar situations I understand fully that this isn't about me.  I made it about me when I tried to turn listening to the interview down, because I didn't want to drudge up the past and I didn't want to be reminded of what people go through and how the public just doesn't want to be reminded of it either.  I didn't want to be reminded that they seemingly have more power than us, and that there isn't anything we can do. That's a lie I told myself to give me the excuse to do nothing. Because the only way we become helpless is when we stop talking.

I stopped talking. I am so very sorry. I mean that from my heart.

It is human nature to sympathize, to appeal to our fellow man's better nature, and among listening to the growing list or reading each detailed case documented about missing persons we ask ourselves why. Why would someone do this? What would they have to gain? What would prompt them or provoke them to do such a thing? We scramble for answers based on our better nature, that's where we go wrong. We assume that who or what we are dealing with is like us in some way. The truth is, you can't know why until you stop assuming that the ones taking our kind are like us. We are not on even footing, as intimidating as that may seem, do not mistake that for inferiority.

God's divine beings have certain abilities that we do not, and if you have read through this blog you will understand that how they operate is merely a manipulation of light and sound. This isn't a study about 'realms' or dimensions, it's more simplistic than that. Our eyes simply do not have the capacity to see a spiritual being as our eyes only see the visible portions of light available to us according to the natural laws set in place at the time of our creation. To put it more plainly; our eyes only have the capability to see light that is recorded from the visible electromagnetic spectrum. Any light outside this spectrum is invisible to us, however that does not mean any being who uses light outside our visible spectrum does not exist.  Our ears have the capacity to hear sound through various vibrations of objects through a conductive source such as air. Our ears only have the ability to hear from a certain frequency spectrum, anything outside that spectrum is inaudible but does not necessarily mean it doesn't exist. 

This is how a spiritual being can exist without being heard or seen as they exist outside our scope of our human capabilities and senses. They have the capability to be seen, but we need to ask ourselves what would be the benefit of working undetected? 

* So that they can continue to do what they are doing unhindered and unrestricted.

This leads to the question why? Why would they want to work unhindered or unrestricted? 

* Secrecy keeps us ill-equipped and uniformed. When we are caught off guard we become confused. we are powerless to fight back or do anything that would hinder their efforts.

What are their efforts and the reason behind their efforts? 

* They are taking our loved ones because they can.

      -They have dominion and power over this world as 70 nations were given to them as their inheritance. It could be an abuse of power... to do what they want without caring about consequences.

* Because they are against God their creator and want to hurt Him through hurting His other creation.

    - Taking loved ones arbitrarily causes parents and loved ones who are left behind to question God and His motives and why He would allow such a horrible thing to take place. These questions without answers causes some people to turn away from God and their faith, to embrace a more self serving attitude and hatred towards God. 

* They are making preparations of some sort through genetic material needed and obtained from the victims.

* It is in the nature of the fallen to take what doesn't belong to them. (Genesis 6) it could be to fulfill a deep desire of lust. Lust of the flesh is a very deeply rooted sinful act and this could be a being acting upon its nature. Lust after the flesh is in reference to an appetite in the form of sexual and/or a food source. ( Ancient civilizations drank blood believing that they took on the spiritual character of the deceased. Today we have many 'vampire' communities that drink human blood. The ancient Hebrews in a time of famine were given over to cannibalism.) One of the laws of God is that humans are not to ingest blood this is because blood is the carrier of life. It could be that the spiritual beings go against this law of God in direct disobedience and violation to Him.

How can I draw such awesome conclusions? 

It is through the extensive experience I have encountered with spiritual beings that I make these conclusions. I've seen through experience just what these spiritual beings are capable of. However I've experienced God's goodness through His miracles too. It's not something that I go looking for and I am not a person who looks for signs and wonders. I am simply a person who is striving to do the best I can in keeping myself in line with God's ways through His Son. In doing that, I have received the promises through blessings of God as recorded for us in Deuteronomy. I know God is real because of how I am living NOW, but I also knew God was real back then, when I wasn't living for Him because I experienced the cursings.

Experience in walking the line however fine brings knowledge. I know what I know because its been proven to me. I cannot deny God, nor will I ever because He delivered me from the powerful effects of the manipulative forces that the spiritual beings used to keep me as their victim and in the dark.

It is through these experiences and my willingness to research and figure out the underpinnings that led me to conclude that a spiritual being is able to work outside our parameters of the natural laws that govern our world not by erasing them, but by manipulating them.

They take what is already in existence and enhance it such a way that weaponizes the natural forces of this world and use that against us.

For example; Sound is manipulated to low frequency forces that produce infra sound. Inaudible to our ears but produce a paralyzing effect on the body. It causes fear, and hallucinations ( to which I believe that the sound just allows us to see the spiritual and sense it through spiritual perception) Scientific studies show that infra sound has the ability to explode vital organs as studies have shown that this form of sound can penetrate through walls and ground and can be humanly weaponized. Infra sound can cause vertigo like symptoms, fever, chills vomiting and disorientation and confusion. It also acts as a force against an object and can move or levitate matter.

* I have experienced the effects of infrasound. I have been immobilized during times of laying down and resting. I have been unable to move while fully coherent, alert, awake and aware of my surroundings. I have felt a feeling of dread, and sensed spiritual beings in the room ( as scientific studies document) I have also experienced confusion, loss of memory as I was trying to recite the Lord's prayer and that memory was erased from my mind. I knew I knew the prayer but could not recall the words. I have experienced 'seeing and hearing' hallucinations that were very real to me.

* I believe that the spiritual beings that are abducting people are using infrasound to render the people helpless. Unable to move and speak, they cannot scream for help or fight back in any way.  This maybe why some people are unconscious, with loss of memory, disorientated, and are able to recall from memory beings that they saw but seem unbelievable it is explained away as a trauma born hallucination. This could explain the low grade fever.

A more macabre aspect to this is this gives a plausible explanation why reports are not given when asked through the Freedom of Information Act. Infra sound at an extremely low frequency has shown to significantly damage internal organs causing death.

I believe that the spiritual beings manipulate light in a way that allows them to hide from detection either in their natural state or some type of physical form. Scientific studies manipulated light by bending it, causing an object to become invisible as well as slowing down the speed of light.

 * My first sighting of a spiritual being in the form of sasquatch began as a manipulated form of light as there was an absence of light in the form of a darkened shadow with the matter of a physical being forming before my eyes.

* I have experienced a situation where I heard an animal munching on grass in front of me, and I could pinpoint the location where this animal should have been but nothing was there.

 * I believe that the spiritual beings that are abducting people are using light manipulation in the form of electromagnetic energy to hide the people from sight. I believe that during the guise of this manipulated energy that these beings can travel great distances, through the use of infra sound, but the greater the distance the greater the life endangering effects are placed on the victim leading ultimately to their untimely deaths. It also could explain why shoes are missing as well as other items of clothing and jewelry. These items effect the outcome or interfere with electricity. (Shoes - rubber, pants - metal zippers, snaps and metal buttons, watches - metal working parts.)
* * *
I realize I may have added confusion to some of you, as this site is a blog about sasquatch and it's ability to manipulate the laws of nature as we know it in a way that seems unexplainable. That is the reason for this post, because I believe sasquatch to be a spiritual being that has the ability to take on the form of a physical being. The truth of the matter is, the fallen beings can take any form they choose, as they have that ability.

The bible is a wonderful reference point to show us that the holy messengers ( angels) took on human form and ate with their hosts. After Jesus was resurrected scripture depicts Him going through a wall- even though He was in physical form,  He also had the ability to walk on water! Let's not forget the working miracles He performed while in flesh; Turning water into wine, healing a deformed arm, allowing the blind to see, the lame walk, turning five loaves of bread and two fish into a feast to feed five thousand people, pulling a dinarai (coin) from a fish. Jesus even altered His likeness in front of His disciples! A lot can happen in the spiritual.

Just because a being is spiritual does not mean we should limit its capabilities through the limitations of our own.

The fallen beings have procreated to produce offspring and some have argued with me privately that this simply is not possible. It is possible as Genesis 6 tells us that the Nephilim were on the earth after the flood. Because of the hidden scripture we are never sure how this happened until we dig a bit deeper to discipher scripture through it's true form; Hebrew. ( 'Sons of Israel, is really 'Sons of God'.) Exposing a reality that is little known; the fallen ones were given 70 nations to rule. It is through this scripture we are shown how they procreated with human women once again.

Another interesting factoid: Esau married into the Canaanite clan. Canaan was mixed with Nephilim. It is through Him the nation of the Edomites were formed. Esau was given the hill country, it could be another precursor into understanding an unexplainable piece of evidence among the missing; they are found on mountains at impossible elevations, and near water. This again may have something to do with electromagnetics but also may have something to do with a land that was originally given to a nation given over to one of the 70 fallen. This isn't a far stretch, since the nation of Israel is tied to the land mass as they believe that God gave them their homeland and refuse under any circumstances to give up their land rights.

My point is this, the fallen offspring can take on many likenesses in order to deceive the masses into believing a reality that is far different from the one God created for us. When we believe a lie as truth, when the truth is presented it will be perceived as the lie; the hoax, the conspiracy. When we misunderstand the realities of life, we cannot understand let alone accept what we should and this will always keep us at arms length from our God. That is the point; the modus operandi to why there seems to be so many spiritual beings out there, how can they all be spiritual and how can they all be the same? Confusion is the glue that binds this all together. If we are confused we can't reach any sort of conclusion and have a same belief system on an agreed foundation. Look at Christianity for example; Which religion is right? They all believe in Jesus, but in a slightly different way. How can they all be right especially when each and everyone says that the other is wrong? Wow, talk about confusing, how is one who is standing on the outside looking in, who desires a relationship with God ever able to choose the right religion? The fallen who have inherited the 70 nations have accomplished what they set out to do, now it's going to take some undoing, and that is tackling one layered lie at a time.

To be continued...