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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Wrestling with the truth

I finally listened to David Paulides most recent interview on Coast to Coast. It was an interesting interview, promoting his newest book '411: The devil is in the details'. I have to admit, it was another sobering and heavy burden to listen to. I had to ask myself why was I so conflicted? For me it goes a bit beyond human nature  because I know what I know; it's what most people don't want to know or aren't willing to admit. I don't mean that to sound arrogant. I just have no choice but to stay true to my experience.

I could have been one of those victims, a thousand times over. Any one of us out in the field of study can be at any given moment. Why them and not us?

For a few days I deliberately told myself that listening to the interview would only hurt. I honestly don't like the feeling reading David's books engages me with. I have to say from one writer to another, his work is very poignant and sophisticated, but the mood of the material is just one story too many. I applaud his efforts, for not giving up and pushing forward past the raw emotion that pouring over each and every case must surface. For him this isn't just writing a book, this is having detailed insight into each and every person's lives that is unknown. I am sure he must feel each and every victimization personally; it's hard not to even as a by standard standing on the outside looking in.

That's the thing, I'm not just a by standard. I have been on the inside looking out. It was a place I did not want to be reminded of because I can identify myself with the victims; they the very little, the young adults, the parents, the children and the elderly.  I know and that's the bottom line. That for me is hard to deal with.

Because knowing goes far beyond knowing what it is. I know through the experience of being a victim and not being able to do anything about it. I'm not talking about any sort of victimization like being robbed, mugged, vandalized. Those are all horrible enough to endure.  It's about experiencing something that you can't kick or scream your way out of. For the older person it's about knowing what you are capable of and having yourself rendered powerless and for the younger its about seeing and having to accept what the older people told you were just made up stories and knowing that you are too little to fight back, screaming is no longer possible.

It's a terror that not even one's worst nightmare can satiate because the reality of this is, to our knowledge such a reality can't exist. If it doesn't exist, we can't know about it, and the horrible oversight is most people supplant in their understanding is that we don't need to know about it.  Ignoring this reality will not make it go away; I know I've tried. I tried up until the point I listened to the interview.

Hearing these unsolved missing person's cases prompts in us want to do something, but what? Anything, but what is anything? What does that mean exactly,  what can we do? Have any of you experienced a loved one go missing? You have, you just don't think about it from the side of them being a missing person. Many of us experience the death of a loved one and that is a heartache that no amount of joy can ever replace. The emptiness one feels after such a loss, it's more than heart breaking. A lot of times when we loose our loved ones to illnesses such as cancer, and diabetes we stand up and join the fight, to become an advocate about healthy eating, and to help better inform the public away from the stigma and the fallacies that go along with such diseases. ( At one time people thought cancer was contagious.) There are people who stand in the gap for those who have lost their fight to live by succumbing to Suicide. But the issue is, we can only speak out so far as long as our experience will allow. Unless we ourselves have experienced the pain of enduring life threatening illnesses, or come back from the brink of suicide, we will truly never know. The point is, when we become educated we can better educate others. But we first cannot become educated if we are not yet willing to expand our minds and allow them to embrace the impossible and the improbable. For those who are willing to educate; sometimes becoming educated means having to withstand the experience.

God said these words to me about four years ago and I want to share them with you. 

'You can't help save others until you help save yourself.'

'All is not as it seems.'

These words were told to me on two separate occasions but they are words that have altered my perception about the realities of this world and helped me to accept what I know as truth. These words, helped guide me into a healing process because my experiences were unique and I had no choice but to work through them alone, with God. There was no hotline I could call, there was no outreach program, and there was no one around to listen because the experience  wasn't and still isn't defined by the boundaries of this world, they exist outside of it.

Knowledge is power, because knowledge helps to inform us and when we 
become informed we can then make better decisions for ourselves. 

David in his interview stated that the scope of their investigations have been broadened to include another details that  normally wouldn't fit in with the parameters of their current cases. However because of a few details that seem to 'fit' the criterion, the investigations now include cases that involve missing people from airplanes and from within homes. 

In order to find answers we truly need to be open minded in order to fit the missing pieces of this puzzle together because all is not as it seems. We need to stop trying to solve these mysteries with the parameters that shape the boundaries of our world view. 

For example, what would a dog loosing the scent trail and an airplane abduction have in common?

* A dog will follow that scent trail until it finds what has made that scent. A dog will be one track minded about this too.
* A dog can pick out one specific scent among many, and when tracking a person we often assume that that is one specific scent that the dog is detecting, it is, but in actuality the dog is also detecting the scent of the abductor as well.  This is a scent that most likely is combined with the initial scent. As the initial spot of the abduction has the scent of both the abductee and abductor at the time of apprehension. 

*If the dog is not picking up a scent, why? This has to mean that there is no more scent. A person leaves a trail of skin cells, hair, oils and scent that is deposited on items that are touched, or left behind in the air when we walk or run. The scent becomes weaker as time passes and is strongest at the most recent area of arrival. If a dog follows a scent, at the point of initial abduction, the scent would be weakest and as the dog moves along the scent trail the scent would become stronger the closer the dog arrived to the missing person, to FIND the missing person.

*What is important to know is that when an abduction occurs, the person that is abducted is almost often carried. The person's scent is not close to the ground,  but the abductor's is, as they are the one's carrying their victims. The victim's scent is not immediately deposited on the ground, it flows through the air which scent, hair, skin cells fall to the ground and are sometimes carried on the wind. These factors may weaken the scent. The dog's nose is most likely following at least two scents at the initial abduction site, the abductor's and the abductee's.  If one scent is lost, then maybe the dog follows the one that is strongest to the ground. ( Just a thought.) 

* * * 
How does a person go missing from a tarmac? I've had the experience of getting off a  flight that landed in Mexico and the tarmac was in an open field. There was nothing in sight, except the border and customs that sat at the front of the cement pad. There was no where to go except to follow ahead and stand in line to wait to go into the country.  I understand not all tarmac's are the same, but one cannot go missing so easily on a tarmac. That's the least possible abduction place on the face of the earth, one would think because one would have a visual trail as one would see the abduction take place. If one were to look behind them and suddenly see the person they were with gone, it is an automatic reaction to look around at the surroundings. It is common to scour the horizon to try to see someone running or walking in the distance in hopes to ease your heart and mind. To see nothing, to have a visual trail go cold doesn't make sense. 

The one factor that bind these two seemingly different cases together is that both the scent and visual trails just go cold. They offer no detail but yet they offer an explanation but we can't come to any conclusions because we will not allow our minds to 'go there' because the laws of this world simply state there is, or there isn't. But this reasoning does not factor in the reality of there is, but it is no longer.  We have memories by living the moments shared with our loved ones that dictate and prove to us that they were here, but now, for some reason, and in some strange way they are no longer. The reality shows us that we need to dig deeper and allow ourselves 'to go there' because there - out there is where all the answers are.

How could a scent and visible trail just stop existing within the parameters of what the laws of nature dictate? If I walk from point A to point B, I leave a scent trail. If I walk or run to a distance of point A to point B within a specific time frame and someone turns around during that time I am running or walking, they will see me go the distance and possibly watch me reach my destination.  If someone watches you go from point A to point B, they are a visual witness. If a dog can track you from point A to B, your scent acts as a witness to help locate you. If these things are taken away, why? So you CAN'T be located. If you can't be located, then WHO took you can't be found out. 

Finding out the answers to WHY will always lead us to WHO. 

We are dictated by the laws of nature, the only ways to get around the laws of nature is to hide ourselves from the laws of nature by covering up ourselves or doing things in secret or covertly. 

Criminals hide their fingerprints left by oils on their skin by wearing gloves. They also cover their heads, and wear as much clothing as they can so they do not leave hair and skin cells behind, lessening the scent trail. 

People hide their behavior all the time, teens sneak out of the house when their parents are asleep to keep from getting caught. Hackers hide their online activity through routers and encryption software. A child abductor picks a lonely street with not much traffic, and few pedestrians as they usually pick their victims as a lone walker along a lonely street. Their crimes are often perpetrated away from the scene of the crime; a lonely road, a wooded area, a hidden house in the back of the community no one would suspect. These are things criminals do to defy the laws of nature because nature can't be by passed any other way, it's humanly impossible. 

If our laws of nature cannot be bypassed, then the smoking gun through these two seemingly unrelated cases suggest that we are dealing with something that CAN work OUTSIDE the LAWS of NATURE.  If it's humanly impossible for anyone to eradicate the laws that dictate and bind us to our reality, then logically we are left to conclude, we are dealing with something that is not human. Something that is either technological, or an alternate form of life. 

To be continued...