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Saturday, November 24, 2012

It's official

Melba Ketchum has just made an online announcement about the DNA findings of sasquatch. This has been something the public has been waiting over a year for and FINALLY.

But as you sigh your sigh of relief, don't get too comfy because the DNA results are NOT so cut and dry. From my understanding of layman's genetics, it appears to be that Sasquatch is a hybrid human.

What does this mean exactly? Well in a nutshell it means that although Sasquatch carries human DNA, it is not exclusively homosapien.

Here's a link to the press release:

So what is it? Well if you don't like technical scientific mumbo jumbo then what you missed out in reading the article is that Sasquatch is a genetic mix of human, non human and non primate.( oh and non archaic human DNA type. Non archaic means not very old, but just how 'old' the human dna is, we don't know- yet. )

There's more to come from Melba, and I am trying to restrain myself on further comment. I would like to mention that not only in her press release did she state what Sasquatch is through scientific method, but she also casually slips in that sasquatch should be known as an indigenous peoples.

Her agenda is quite clear; to bring these creatures out into the 'open' and to gain them 'protected' status. I will reserve further comment on this subject until more information is made public as I do want to be fair and objective. I'm hoping that Melba's personal and professional insights and beliefs have changed even just a little and at least tip toe on the side of caution and not around it.