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Sunday, November 4, 2012

A new beginning

Since discovering what sasquatch is as opposed to what I wanted it to be, as opposed to what it isn't, I've decided to offer something a bit different.

In truth, I want sasquatch gone, I wish I had never stumbled on the experience. Oh don't get me wrong, I truly am thankful, but knowing what I know now, it has put me in a higher standing than what I would like to be.

I'm not talking about celebrity status, I am not a celebrity. Eventhough this has gained me a bit of noteriety and attention, I will never consider myself a celebrity, because I did not come out with the information to get myself noticed. What I mean is that once you know you have an obligation to share with others what you know, and what I know isn't always believed.

I am a patient person and I get the fact that we all have to come to our own personal understanding of things, but the information I know came to me under the pretence of secrecy.

I have never agreed to nor did I sign any non disclosure, and quite frankly I'm getting a little tired of  people hiding behind this piece of paper. This is all getting a bit too insidious and sleezy for my liking. Why can't we just share information? Too many people want to be first and they are treating this as a game, this is far from it.

This summer I was a part of a 'secret' forum on facebook. This forum was not the first of its kind as there were many 'leaks' from other various groups of this nature that were previously started. I began to ask what I considered IMPORTANT questions and a few days later, the main leaders of the forum severed ties.  Coincidence,  perhaps, but I began to do some digging.

This forum was a behind the scenes forum to help spearhead one scientist's agenda of making Sasquatch a protected indigenous native human speicies once the scientific evidence was published publically. I know everyone is ansy as the running theme of this scientific journal report is always due out 'soon'.

But did you get this, let me repeat this again:

This scientist wants sasquatch protected legally as the DNA evidence yet to be made public PROOVES that this creature is human, and should be recognized legally as such, comparitive to our NATIVE AMERICAN INDIGENOUS PEOPLES or FIRST NATIONS.

This forum was to eventually go public and to help gain public awareness for the protected status and to help maintain protected status of Sasquatch as well as to answer the public's questions. However only in a purely 'factual' or scientific viewpoint that the DNA evidence could corroberate.

It was also strongly suggested that anyone who supported the forum, as in the way of membership/moderators and administrators, that certain topics were 'off topic' and not allowed to be discussed. Hence my questioning that went unanswered.

Let me back up a bit: When I agreed to become a part of the forum, I made it know that I believed Sasquatch to be not just physical in design. However I felt I could be objective and be open minded enough to help others who upon public notification of the identity of sasquatch, I could help others come to terms with their faith, and knowledge about these creatures. I had no intentions of speaking out against sasquatch in any derrogatory way within this forum, and I had no intention of publically or privately stating that these creature needed protection. I stated that they didn't, as I believe they don't.  They are using us, and this so called protected status for their own means, but that is a different post.

It was shown to the members of the forum, a legalized document, still in its infancy about the awareness of sasquatch and because of the DNA evidence ( that was excluded as it could not yet be mentioned due to legal hoopla) this document suggested that harrassment, confinement, even killing sasquatch would be punishable by our laws.

Let me repeat: It is going to be made law that sasquatch is human and that any provoking, harassment, confinement, or killing of these indigenous peoples will be punishable by law.
*The legal document does take into consideration the right for self defence, but again, one will most likely have to prove that the act of killing or harming sasquatch was made in self defence and this may not be so easily proven.

I struggled with this because I know what sasquatch are; and there were other people in the forum who had experiences with sasquatch like mine, and who fully acknowledged that sasquatch was more than just what we percieved these creatures to be.

I have had SUPERNATURAL experiences with sasquatch, and I am not the only one, and the scientist who is spearheading the above agenda, has disclosed to many people that they KNOW and BELIEVE that sasquatch is not just a physical creature but one that has SUPERNATURAL qualities as well.

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I am no longer a part of the forum. (* To be fair the forum disbanded and only a few remain loyal to the cause. Most have gone on to form their own protect the sasquatch forums.) To be honest, I was struggling with what I knew a week before, the falling out occured. The question I asked that remained unanswered sealed the deal for me.

Forum question I posed: "Okay, my MAJOR concern is that when this platform goes public, it obviously is going to be the authority on the matter of DNA and how we should view Sasquatch. I’m okay with that, but what concerns me is that IF the paranormal aspects of sasquatch are not addressed, and openly is infact omitted from any sort of acknowledgement and say within two years (or less or more) of the platform going public, someone has a VERY REAL and perhaps public encounter that involves the paranormal aspect- and gets hurt or perhaps even is killed, how do we address that? How can we who are behind the platform not help but feel partially responsible or guilty?

Am I wrong in thinking this way?

I’ve had paranormal encounters with Sasquatch and the scientific community denied me, so I had no choice but to figure out ways to deal with the hostile sasquatch. I have had numerous people already approach me in the last two years asking for help to address the paranormal aspect because science cannot provide answers. People are being threatened and harmed and while it may be rare and occassional it still is happening."  (rare and occassional was what I was told by the person of authority, in charge of the forum. Although Sasquatch exhibits paranormal tendencies, these abilities are rare and occur on occassion.)

* Sorry, NOT WITH ME THEY DON'T, Nor with other people who are TERRORIZED by these creatures! (Sideline comment, sorry.)

I recieved no answer. I asked my question again:

"The issue is that people look to science for answers, regardless of what kind of help she can provide and if science denies any acknowledgement, then who will be responsible if or when do-do (Sh$t) does hit the fan?" (Parenthesis added)
The answer: Posted by another forum member, not the person in authority of the group.

"The bottom line is that they are people, and they are imperfect as we are, with all of the range of personalities, behaviors, therein."I believe in full public disclosure, and the resoning behind keeping the 'way out there ' aspects to sasquatch hidden, as I was told was to promote public safety and keep panic down to a minimum. ( Paraphrasing.)

I believe that the public has a right to know, and they are very capable with making informed decisions, and I suggested putting people who have dealt with the paranormal aspects to sasquatch in the front lines by providing the public with links or email addresses to steer them in the direction should the paranormal stuff of sasquatch become a concern.

Sadly, this suggestion was shut down as it was made clear that the scientists involvement wants to only deal with evidence specific to the proof of the DNA findings.

Really, Seriously? To me lying by omission is unacceptible! 

To deny this - the spiritual aspects of sasquatch risks public safety and I am not confortable with holding that kind of responsibility. Lives are in our hands for the people that do know the truth and if we openly choose to supress information that should be made public- who are we really protecting?
Our moral obligation is to all of society, women, children, men, the mentally and physically challenged as well as newly discovered "indigeonous peoples". What gives us the right to put one people's over another? We don't have that right, but sadly there are people who have governmental funding who assume that they do.

Saskencounters blog is a blog that will seek to fully disclose all there is to know about sasquatch, regardless of what you may or may not believe. When you have all the facts, then you can better decide for yourselves.

~And that's the bottom line.
Thank you.

* I personally don't think it necessary to focus on names at this point. The issue is to bring public awareness in a way that is truthful and without hindrance.