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Friday, January 10, 2014

Fool me once...

His name, Rick Dyer. He is the man behind the recent successful attempts to hoax the world into believing that the creature known as bigfoot or sasquatch is real; only through deceptive means. The means of deception are to deliberately lie and convince well intentioned citizens that he has what he doesn't have, and doesn't want; a body.

If this sounds confusing, it is, only if you do not understand Rick Dyer's motivation. Rick Dyer is not a bigfoot researcher, he is not a back seat enthusiast, nor is he even curious. He is however someone who has used the phenomenon of bigfoot to capitalize on unsuspecting people, because that is what he does. Our loss is his gain, because where ever opportunity knocks, Rick Dyer will some how find a way to be the first in line no matter what it may be. This has not been his first bigfoot con job, he has done this before, and he will continue to con people until he gets caught.

I admit I'm upset that this person has been able to pull it off again. But this is nothing new. It's been done before, just with a bigger names. People are already saying ' too little too late' and I don't agree. Rick Dyer needs to be exposed for the person that he is, because he has not just victimized bigfoot believers, he IS a victimizer and he does not care who he hurts.  His victimization reaches past the bigfoot community because he has conned by another game; another scheme and as sad as this is to say, as soon as this well of opportunity runs dry, he will leave the bigfoot community only to find a bigger and better plan of attack.

I do not write this because of my personal feelings. This is a matter of principle and standing up to not only a bully but a victimizer. I write this article to help empower his victims to come forth and stop Rick Dyer from claiming any more unsuspecting citizens. Today it is bigfoot, a few years ago it was bigfoot, but his history that we KNOW of also involves defrauding people out of their money by advertising cars he did not have to sell. A con man will always reach higher and higher for that ultimate prize; to stand on top of the world and laugh at it while he holds (your) bags of money in his hand. Because the lure of money is the driving force, people need to be warned because money can  make people do all sorts of things they otherwise would not do. He may have appealed to the community's better nature to form a trust, but this better nature does not go both ways. He has clearly shown time and time again that he holds no empathy, no sympathy, no remorse and it is only WHEN he gets caught we will see the crocodile tears. That is when his 'sorry' will be too little too late.

I have to say, I am not pleased at writing a post about such negativity about a person, but being a person in crisis outreach and knowing a little bit about human nature, I have to speak out. I would if it were any other person because these criminal actions are putting innocent people at risk. They risk being conned out of their hard earned money but more importantly, because of the escalating nature of not only the con(s) but of Rick Dyer's behavior and attitude, people involved should be more protective of their safety.

If you have been defrauded by Rick Dyer or have been threatened by him, please contact your local police.

Thank you.

* As of April 2014, Rick Dyer has confessed that his Bigfoot tour has been a hoax. I will not comment any more on this person; there's enough information online available, including an online petition to enlist the help of authorities to look in depth into the fraudulent dealings of Rick Dyer.